The Haunted House Where I lived for 3 Years!


Hmm.. I am back again with some psychic and haunted house supernatural experiences.

Three haunted experiences in my home, two of them is still a mystery in my life!

The following image is the layout of the house I was in, and you can refer to this again and understand how this happened, I have also added google maps actual location and screenshot as well.

Rough Layout of home
Real Location of haunted 3d house: link

It was 2009 we moved to a new house in Ujire, where we got the best deal a big house with 2 cents of extra empty land with a compound and parking lot .. very much under the budget in that area with all facilities.

Dad was really happy to get the deal, and we moved in.. transported furniture and everything to this house. But on the day of transportation, I had to attend one of the family functions my parents sent me as they were busy in moving things to a new home..

The weird thing was neighbours were a little off and not happy that we occupied this home.. and they spoke very rarely.. like once a year or so…

At 7 PM, I reached this new home, and I was happy to set up my own room, First I went in the room and saw the cot was already there and no light was fixed, but I was able to see the light which was coming inside my room from the Hall… you can understand the room layout as above.

The First Incident

As there was no light, I planned to fix the bulb myself by standing over the wooden cot(Insulator), I was pretty sure that I had fixed the bulb and the power supply was off, but I felt a sudden shock, and also I felt like someone pulled me back… I was in emotional shock and fear..with both experiences at a time, and shouted.. called mom for help, By the time mom come from the kitchen, the bulb fell off the pocket and hit the ground..breaking the new bulb..

And mom shouted .. ‘what have you done…?’ I was explaining that there was an electric shock .. and she asked … ‘how can you get shocked when you are standing over a wooden cot’… she left the room, asking to clean the broken bulb using a broom..

This was not something big, but looking back .. yes, it was the first signal..

Days passed.. there were some incidents like the cats dying all of a sudden, some family issues without reason.. etc.. I just don’t want to explain all these.. but there were a few out-of-the-box incidents.. happening. But all those are small when compared to the next two things which I am going to say..!

Second Experience: The Afternoon Ghost

I have shared a bit of this story with my previous article: have a look at this later.

Similar to KANTARA ‘BHOOTA’!

It was 2012, I was about to finish my 10th standard, It was a study holiday and I was sitting at home and supposed to study…But you know that age .. I was a little naughty kid who try to open tape recorder.. sound box .. radio.. electric toys etc..

It was afternoon, mom used to come early from work.. and help me read.. for exams.

The below image shows the idea of my room, and also I have marked the paces..

The movement is marked in red, and the kitchen where the sound was heard is marked in yellow.

I was playing with the DC motor.. connecting the battery etc..  I felt like some footsteps( that heavy foot sound) coming towards the window of my room.. and later also felt like someone was staring at me from the window(at my back)..and I thought mom had come and she is secretly observing me what I am doing at home alone… soon after few seconds .. then again I started to feel the same footsteps moving away towards the backdoor of our house.. (see the sketch) and it was almost confirmed that I am going to get beatings today from mom … she saw me doing something else than studying.. ‘ho god’ … again I heard a sound from the kitchen which is adjacent to back door.. the sound was of a glass bottle(marked in yellow), that glass was of emptied ghee and kept was washing filled with hot water … was kept next to the basin and near window..

I heard the sound as if someone pick up the bottle and drop it back again..  Immediately I went and opened the back door as it was confirmed that only mom would see me and check for the ghee bottle. I opened the door… and no one was there .. .. felt a little haunted 3d .. but not like the scary house near me, and I closed it

Ok…. I thought she might have come to the front door and ran towards the front, and no one was there… after a few seconds, I also noticed that the gate was locked, and only mom or dad would open it… as I didn’t have the key for it..

I ran back to the hall and dialled mom immediately .. she picked up and said she was still at work, and I asked her not to joke… she again said ‘no.. i am at work .. will come at 5 o clock..’

The next thing that came to my mind was …what if it’s some intruders or some thieves.. I took the machete from the kitchen and walked around home checking if someone had come.. next I also checked our rooftop.. no one was there.. and at that moment, again, I felt the real supernatural forces acting and left haunted… ‘ho no .. this is impossible….’

I did not have any negative thoughts.. nor was I afraid of anything …. at the moment, I was daring enough to take up the machete from the kitchen and inspect around the house.!

The whole scene ends there, and I shared this experience with mom and just ignored it…time passed by…

If you have any questions, ask me, and I can get back to you .. if you are interested init.

The Final Scene: Midnight Sound of the Same Sound of Footsteps with ‘jhann'(jingling sound of ankle bells)

OK.. the previous story might seem a bit odd for some due to various factors.. but check this out.. what do you think about this..?

It was almost 2 AM midnight, I was sleeping with my parents I was next to the window, next to my mom, then my sister and data at another end, as you can see in the sketch below.

Observe how we are represented, sleeping near the window. Three points, GREEN – I woke up, YELLOW – Mom woke up, and BLUE – Dad Woke up.

It was the same room which I had mentioned earlier, where I was studying.

I was awakened with , listening to this weird sound.. till then in my life I heard the stories of ‘mohini’ .. and other ghost stories.. never experienced anything like this..

Again.. I was awake and I was really conscious, Dint lose my emotional strength or got scared but more attentive and listened carefully, and now it was more stronger approaching from the walking path next to the kitchen (see the above sketch, GREEN marking) … I was sweating by this time.. still was totally under emotional control.. didn’t make a small noise.. I slowly woke mom and asked her to keep quiet, whispering to her and asking whether she can listen to this sound.. and she said yes… ‘what is happening..? what is this jingling sound by the time I woke mom, it was almost nearing our room window, and it was confirmed that its not only me who heard mom also heard…

Next, it was my dad

he is kind of more spiritually powerful, as I feel. No negative energy dare to mess with him.. even in the wildest places …(check out THIS article for his experience)

I asked mom to wake up dad … by the time it almost reached where the near room and passed near where the dog was sleeping and the dog started barking the life out of its mouth … the most horrific bark I had ever experienced … it was also howling and barking shit out of this thing whatever to saw!!

By the time mom was trying to wake up dad… it reached the coconut tree which was in front of the compound. As soon as dad woke all of a sudden, the dog stopped barking, and the jingling sound stopped and dad was like … ‘are you guys mad.. cant you sleep … I said no.. mom also heard it … I heard it first’.. explained there itself.. he cross-questioned.. ‘how can dog stop barking and go pitch silent!? it is asleep .. you are hallucinating’..  … I was also a little confused.. but suddenly heard the chain sound which was in the dog’s neck while it shook its body … and he got to know ‘yes .. the dog was awake’.. mom also reassured that she heard that noise…

The story ends.. no one dared to go out.. nor look in the window.. or turn on the light..

After almost 4~5 months…. two friends (B P Sampath Kumar and Kumar Hegde) of my dad, who worked as SDM college lecturers, came to the same home.. and they asked my dad… ” why did you buy this home?, don’t you know what happened here? didn’t you read that old news a few years back?

Ah.. the actual case was mind F**king.. this I had double-verified with nearby house people as well about what my dad’s friends said.

The home we lived in was used for prostitution a few years back and was busted after a pregnant lady died there….

There is no evidence or my experience that matches this incident, but… we all have heard such my case, it’s 100% true that I have experienced this and till today, it’s a mystery!

If you want to know more about it you can Ask Me