Similar to KANTARA ‘BHOOTA’!


Hi readers, I am Praneethraj; Welcome to another blog of real supernatural experiences!

This time it’s my dad’s experience, narrating the documented info during election duty

Story Line: Dad was appointed as election officer, near to BC Road school. and he spoke to Bhoota (Daiva).

Approximate Area near BC ROAD

Listen to full narration in Kannada, which my dad (TK Sharath Kumar) documented and shared his experience when I asked him to explain, he narrated the copy in which he wrote all these experiences, as a bonus please listen fully to hear another similar story he explained at last.


It was the 2012 Election, Dad and others were on election duty, and things went crazy!

As usual night, dad was on duty and was chit-chatting with police personnel with two others. They saw some human form (a lady in a saree or some local person with a lungi in a men’s skirt walking weirdly in dark without any torch) which was a bit far and unrecognizable at the point where they were.

Dad asked the question: who are you, why are you in this road?? 

In the coming days there will be  English version which I thought to explain the narration for our reader, keep an eye on Devine/ Supernatural experience for upcoming blogs


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