BMI: Body Mass Index Calculator, Get Your Health Status

BMI or Body Mass Index is a measurement of a person’s healthiness in terms of leanness and corpulence. This calculation is based on the weight and height metrics of the person. There are multiple categories which symbolizes the normalcy, over-weightiness or under-weightiness of the person.

Falling into any category other than Normal can impact your lifestyle in many ways. People who fall into over-weight or obesity category have higher risks of facing multiple diseases which may be as serious as cardiac-arrest.

It is important that one should have weight accordingly balanced with the height of their body. Height is a metric which becomes constant after a certain point in time in life, but its the weight which is the varying factor.

BMI and BMI Categories

Now since we know what actually is BMI, let’s see the categories what falls under BMI calculations;

BMI Range
BMI Range

How is the BMI Calculated?

The calculation of BMI is quite simple and straight forward. It is dependent upon the weight of the person in Kg and also requires their height in Cm which later on is converted into meter(the standard metric)

Here’s an example to see how do we calculate the ;

BMI Calculation
BMI Calculation: source

Now since you have the understanding of its calculative working, let us try out our BMI Calculator which would suggest you health measures, normal weight range where you should focus and also some tips for losing or gaining weight.


Some of you might not be able to recall or convert your height from feet and inches into centimeters. Do not worry, we have got you covered on that part too, checkout the below calculator to convert your height into cm and then use the BMI Calculator😊


Now then you have all the calculations done, which category did you fall into? If its Normal then congratulations on being fit in today’s fast & furious life. If anything other than that then do look for our Fitness Recommendations.

To make things easier, we have also created post for knowing the easiest ways to gain and lose weight. Here’s the link to checkout the posts;

Easy and ‘Quick’ way to Gain weight!

Simple and Fast way to lose weight, Safely!

Impacts of being overweight/obese

There are multiple negative impacts of being overweight and obese in today’s scenario. Here are a few key impacts on your health;

  • Insomnia
  • High BP
  • Raise in chances of Cardiac Arrest
  • Low Life Quality
  • Tiredness
  • Reproductive Challenges
  • Diabetes(Type-II)
Overweight can attract many diseases

And much more, the idea behind this post is not to scare you but to bring some positive changes in your lifestyle to overcome this. Do follow our post to know more about losing weight and doing it the easier way!

Impacts of being Underweight

Being underweight also brings in many abnormalities in your day to day life, it is not just about being lean in life, its good to shape up yourself towards being normal in terms of height and weight ratio. Here are some of the critical impacts of being underweight;

  • Low confidence
  • Malnutrition and Deficiency
  • Improper functioning of Immune System
  • Complications while undergoing any medical processes
  • High risk of mortality as compared to Normal person


Checkout our post on how to gain weight easily to move towards your fitness goals!

Again, these are facts scientifically proven and researched based on the BMI calculations. These calculations are based on the height and weight you posses not on the other key components of the body like body fat or body muscles. Researches have also proven this not be 100% accurate, but this certainly is a measure to know roughly how par is your body in terms of the expected ratios.

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