Massive Earthquake Trembles Turkey & Syria: Painful Pictures, Frightful Footages!

Life from normalcy turned bizarre when a massive earthquake hit the Turkey & Syria. More than 4000 death toll has been reported so far and people are still in shock state. The pictures and videos coming out of the place are painful to watch.

The cries, the pleads, the sufferings can all be evidently seen in the videos and pictures below. Viewers are requested to watch these at their own discretion as some of these footages will be heart breaking and heart wrenching. Tsunami speculations have also raised in past few hours with the strong aftershocks.

Image and Video Footages of the Earthquake

Below footage is from Turkey where the building collapsed within seconds and people out there had no clue whatsoever. Source

The pain and grief can be evidently seen in eyes of the person tormented by the shocker. We pray that any such people who are still battling for lives should survive and get out of this trouble.

This footage comes from one of the famous hotels in Turkey where the earthquake’s impact can be seen for more than a minute. These scenes are quite horrific to watch.

We often say that animals and birds have the better sensing capabilities and they can sense danger from far across. Here’s a live example of that from the tormented place, just look at the indication what Nature gives us, may be we do not hear!

In past 1 year we have seen so much of destruction all around that our hearts ache for the people who go through this. Be it the recent plane crash in Nepal or be it the Russia-Ukraine War. We have seen destructions at the mass level. Here is what this massive earthquake has brought to Turkey

People are also not seeing the sensitivity of the situation and some fake rumors are also coming out from the spot. Here’s an example, though the sharer of this tweet claims of uncertainty of its reality but these are creating a panic in the havoc.

This one is the most horrific thing what we saw on the earthquake, this really hits us hard. Please watch it at your own discretion, this isn’t something easy on hearts.

Our Indian Air Force has never been shy of helping the nations in need. We were there even when this tormenting earthquake came in Nepal back in 2015, and even today we are there to rescue and help the people of Turkey & Syria in the tough times. Hats off to the commitment of our bravest souls! Jai Hind!


Here’s the list of aftershocks received by Turkey in past 24 hours, after such a massive earthquake it was expected to have aftershocks and the same is happening.


Some survived even in the toughest of situations while some could not. Our prayers are with all of those who are currently alive but under rubble. Look at the miraculous escape of this child from the jaws of death.

Probably one of the photos which speak volumes about the disaster😒


Leaving you with the last video from the place where you can see how in seconds its all gone!

In these tough times PrTechNews family prays for the well-being and speedy recoveries of those who have been lucky enough to escape this disaster. We also mourn in the grief of those who have lost their loved ones in this calamity. Stay Safe!

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