Simple and Fast way to lose weight, Safely!

lose weight

Let me put this first- Its simple, Fast and Safe way to lose weight. But not easy!

Good things don’t come easily, but we can assure that you will definitely see the change!

This article is not like others you get to see on the internet, this article is written with my own experience of losing 13Kgs in one month!

Control & Manage Your Diet to Lose Weight

First, eat 40% of your regular intake for every meal, breakfast or lunch or dinner. Start the first week with this!

Next, after a week, reduce any one of your meals, either breakfast or lunch or dinner meal according to your choice, now you don’t have to worry about intake as you have already adapted to 40%. If you feel hungry of 2 times meal, you can increase meal quantity to 50% this week, you will get to below why!

Don’t listen to online suggestions or anything that says skipping dinner is good. Just opt for your own choice in this course of losing weight!

Now its week 3, your will power would be weak, you will start feeling to stop all these and have good great food and server your cravings. But remember why you started this! Its week 3 already just one more week to go, and you can see the results in front of your eyes!

Now in week 3 continue the same diet of week 2, try to reduce the quantity to 35~40% if possible. As it contributes to at least 5~6kg reductions! So again, try to make this happen!

Finally week 4, final week of your diet. You can go back to the week 1 type of diet. Have three meals a day, but, make sure you follow the exercise routine of week 4 below!

Note: During all the week, you might feel shaking fingers, muscles, or giddiness. So to maintain electrolytes, you can intake lemon or lime water with salt and very little sugar, sugar if you really need it!

Stay hydrated, Get enough sleep and Practice mindfulness! That’s the key here

Also note, the main thing is to decrease the sugar intake in all your meals! you can have tea and coffee without any snacks all week, and decrease sugar in all possible meals and drinks!

Now, What exercise must you and should follow

If you are already lifting weights, continue the same reps! Don’t try to make changes there, and don’t try to remember that ‘you are eating less and you can reduce the rep count or weights’. Just continue your old patterns.

For people who don’t go the gym, you can achieve better than gym freaks because your body is more ready to adapt to change!

How to lose weight while exercising?

First thing in the morning, before breakfast, do the following;

Any HIIT exercise for at least 5 minutes, you need to hear your heartbeat that’s it, no need to sweat and follow hardcore exercise!

Then follow your day, continue your routine, do office work, attend college, or anything. If you have a lot of physical work, in which you will sweat at work then you can skip morning exercise!

In the evening your comes your main job, you need to run!

Not for long, but with some good pace, you cannot opt for brisk walks here.

I mean, make the sprints, just run for 100 meters in the highest speed you can and take 5 mins of rest. Run back again at 100 meters, this completes 1 lap!  Do this for week 1.

Now for weeks 2,3 and 4, follow the below

You are in a mission to lose weight, hold your will power till week 4.

Increase morning HIIT exercise for 10~15 minutes, and continue your routine.

Evening: Start with running again for the same sprints, but increase the LAPs, at least you need to do is 4 laps by the week 3. By week 4, you should do 5 laps of 100 meters sprint and the break between the laps are until you calm down your heart after a first run. Follow this very seriously and rigorously!

Final Thoughts

This is exactly from my own experience. I was inspired to compete in the Karnataka state police sub-inspector physical test, where I had to lose weight to run faster only choice was losing weight from 89kg. By all this I was 76kg and I increased my endurance to run 1600 meters in 7 Minutes, followed by the long jump and shotput!

This was my motivation behind the weight loss ft. yours can be completely different, but make sure to set a goal for yourself. This is going to help you in pushing yourself at times where you feel like giving up or get carried away!

Yes, everything is possible when you have a powerful will. Stay Healthy, and Stay Blessed!

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