Easy and ‘Quick’ way to Gain weight!

gain weight

If you are thin and mad about people calling, “you have become thin”, “hey skinny” again and again! You need to read this. You can definitely gain weight, but is up to you to choose the healthy way(Easy) or unhealthy way(Quick).

How to get started?

Lets take on the unhealthy first: Eat more sweets, potatoes, pizza & burgers loaded with cheese, cakes and street oil fried food, forget all your home food and do this for all meals.

Add fried snacks for your tea or coffee as well. Start your day with oil and sweets and also add brunch and after-dinner sweets to speed up the process!

And Done, in just one week you will gain at least 5kg. But do you really need this? Completely your choice, but do remember this massively effects your health and lifestyle, the heart-attacks which have become common these days, gets an invitation out of this for sure if you over do this practice.

Now Easy and Quality Way to Gain Weight

Hello Honey! Have 2 tablespoon of honey every day before breakfast and after dinner.

Increase protein intakes, be protein conscious! Drink more milk, fruits like apples and which have more fructose, green leaf veggies, dry fruits, eggs(for non-vegetarians only), and you can also add protein powder to your everyday diet!

You can follow this additional food intake with your regular everyday meal.

Most of the things above are not harmful as unhealthy food. So, do give it a try!

How Exercise Help to Gain Weight?

Yes, to be healthy you need to exercise! Here you don’t need to go to the gym or do any specific set of exercises. Just play a physical game like shuttle, football, or else just go for 500meters of jog everyday, and increase it to 2Kms of jogging by the end of the month!

This process increases your body’s endurability and makes it more adaptive towards healthy consumptions. One of the common traits among the people who are looking for to gain weight is their deficient diet. They often feel like not to have anything or do not get the urge from the body to have a well balanced diet.

gain weight
How diet can help in gaining weight? Source

Doing regular exercises with increased intensity with time creates an urge in your body to fulfil the requirements of the calories burnt during these exercises. This urge makes you start intake more of a well-versed diet on regular basis and boom!

You can feel the changes yourself, do try it out yourself and let us know if it did workout for you!

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