Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Accenture and Infosys revoke offer letters?

Revoke Offer Letter
Revoke Offer Letter

The mass recruiters for freshers who each year offer lakhs of candidates a place in their esteemed organization have suddenly switched modes. Reports indicate that there has been a massive revoke in the offer letters received by the freshers.

The passed-out college freshers undergo a rigorous interview process for these tech giants. Clearing the multiple technical and managerial rounds lands them a job at these organizations. Despite that, if someone is denied an opportunity of working, the person feels dejected.

Here is what a few of the emails reads;

“It has been identified that you are not meeting our academic eligibility criteria. Hence your offer stands null and void.”
“We regret to inform you that we cannot take your candidature forward, as you have not been compliant to Wipro’s assessment guidelines.”
“You have not been able to clear the verifications. Hence the said offer will be withdrawn and your journey on this hiring opportunity with Accenture would be concluded here.”

Each one has a different reason for the revoke, but most revolve around complaining about the candidate’s academic and assessment compliance. The only question that arises over here is, was the candidature not evaluated before offering these candidates? How far is the mass revoke, right? 

The global recession scenario is cited as one of the main reasons for this mass revoke. While companies have been showing a slowdown in the hiring process for the past few months, the ongoing months also signal a challenging way ahead. Most IT companies are also going through a phase of highest attritions at their organizations.

On this burning issue of revoking offer letters, Wipro issued a statement earlier that states, “Wipro can confirm that it will honor all offer letters that have been made to deserving candidates, in a phased manner.” However, Infosys and Tech Mahindra are yet to mark their statements on this issue.

PR’s Take:

PR TechNews contacted a candidate who refrained from revealing his identity for social security reasons. He explained his grief and frustration on this serious issue. A role was offered to him 4 months back from a tech giant. He and his family eagerly awaited the joining dates. Unfortunately, the day never came! And so many candidates are undergoing the same. The questions would still be raised on such hiring mechanisms.