Joe Biden pardons thousands of Americans.


Joe Biden is to pardon thousands of American cannabis convicts.

This implies for the federal convictions of “simple possession”, which could lead to “denied employment, housing, or educational opportunities as a result”.

1) Those benefitting from the policy will receive a certificate of pardon, which they can show to potential employers

2) The pardon certificates will be issued in the coming days, according to the Department of justice.

3) Governors are made to follow up on this concern as most convicts are from the state.

4) Other rules related to trafficking, marketing and underage sales will stay as it is.

5) Non-Citizens will not be included in this law and will stay in custody as usual.

PR’s Critics:

Usually, the peddlers or who usually get caught will not be ‘simple possessors’.

This will encourage underaged/other people as they get pardoned as well by law.

But, positively this will help to start a new life with govt facilities unlocked.

PR’s Take:

Encourage it for the betterment of health and medical use, there’s news running around that the medical industry is hiding the capacity of marijuana from the public.