Increased Production Plans From Sony Group on Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Headset

Here’s a glance at the news report from Bloomberg on Sony’s VR Headset plans:

  • Sony Group Corp. eyes an opportunity in the virtual reality headset arena.
  • The Playstation giants take an ambitious call after average sales of VR Headsets so far.
  • They cite a surge in demand for the tech gadget soon and thereby attempt to embrace themselves.
  • They haven’t faced any supply chain constraints since starting the manufacturing of one of the coolest gadgets in recent times.
  • Share Market welcomed the idea with a 2.4% climb in the share prices in Tokyo on Monday, the highest in the past 6 weeks.
Virtual Reality
Sony aims to improve user experience with VR
  • Sony’s idea behind the PSVR2 anticipates much more popularity than the company’s earlier PlayStation VR headset for the PS4 (this indeed took eight months to reach a million sales which are worrying signs, per experts).
  • The official dates of the launch and other pricing components of the PSVR2 are not yet disclosed.
  • “A key to success is the quality of the games Sony will be able to develop,” said Tokyo-based analyst Serkan Toto of Kantan Games. “The other critical point will be the price: spec-wise, the PSVR2 is a beast, and some users already expect it to cost as much as a PS5 itself.”
  • Sony Group plans to manufacture nearly 2 million VR headsets units by March 2023. 

PR’s Take:

We as techies always back such moves, and especially when it comes from a giant, its never in doubt. Sony Corp. has been a synonym of quality for ages, and they have time and again proven this. We are sure that these virtual reality projects are the future of gaming and experience. Do let us know your views on this!