Technical problem or God angry? Transformer changed 7 times in 45 days in this locality of Godda


For the last 45 days in the Asanbani locality behind the bus stand located in the heart of the city of Godda, the residents of the locality are troubled by the problem of electricity. Residents of the locality say that 7 transformers have been changed in 45 days, but till now the problem of electricity in the locality has not been resolved. When people suspected that there might be some ghostly game, they tied talismans around the transformer and worshiped, but no new transformer is running for more than 10 hours.

People say that the load in this locality is high and the transformer with low load is being installed by the electricity department, due to which the transformer does not last even for 10 hours. Till the time the electricity department does not install two transformers here, the problem of electricity will continue like this.

What is the reason for transformer failure?
Mohammad Afroz said that the reason for repeated breakdown of transformers is that whatever transformer is coming now has aluminum winding which melts immediately or when overloaded. Earlier there was a transformer with copper winding. Which used to bear the load. Till the time two transformers are not installed here, probably our electricity problem will not go away.

Will power service be restored by Friday evening?
On the other hand, Pradeep Prajapati, junior engineer of the electricity department, told that the LT cable coming out of the transformer is melting again and again. Because of which the incident of transformer blowing is happening. Employees of the Electricity Department are continuously reducing the electricity in that locality. It is expected that the electricity service will be restored by Friday evening.

Bad condition of people
On the other hand, Babu Kumar of the locality told that for the last one and a half months, we have been hearing like this that electricity will start getting properly from tomorrow. But 45 days have passed. Till now there is no electricity in their house and the situation is that the children are not able to study and it is difficult for the elders to stay in the summer.