Pakistan will remain a loser in World Cup 2023! AB de Villiers predicts top-4, 1 team has never won the trophy

New Delhi. The craze for the World Cup 2023 has engulfed every corner of the world. All the teams have geared up considering the mega tournament as their mission. Some teams including Australia, New Zealand, England and India have already won the trophy. But there is also a team which is full of power but many times remains one step away from the trophy. Former South African veteran AB de Villiers has predicted the four teams that will qualify for the World Cup semi-finals.

World Cup 2023 will be a golden chance for the Indian team, because this time the entire tournament will be played in India only. Earlier in the year 2011 also, Team India hosted the World Cup. During that time, under the captaincy of MS Dhoni, the Blue Army had won the historic trophy. In such a situation, AB de Villiers has also selected India in his top-4 teams. After this, he has also selected the Australian team which has won the World Cup title for the maximum number of times. The Kangaroo team won the World Cup title in the year 2015 by defeating New Zealand in the final.

De Villiers expressed confidence in T20 World Cup winner

AB de Villiers has also selected the team which took many years to lift the World Cup title. We are talking about England, this is the team which was just one step away from the trophy in 1979, 1987 and 1992. But England ended the trophy drought in 2019. The England team won the trophy by defeating the Kiwi team in Wales. After this, the confidence of this team was seen touching the sky. In 2022, England had also put the title of T20 World Cup in its bag.

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After these three teams, the star batsman has named his team in the top-4. South Africa’s team chokes on important occasions even after keeping stamina. In the World Cup, the South African team has not yet been able to reach the finals. Now it will be interesting to see how the Proteas team becomes a part of the mega tournament this year. The veteran player has not expressed confidence in Pakistan and New Zealand in the top-4.

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