Plane Crash On Malaysia Highway 10 Killed Chilling Video

Viral Video: A flight fell victim to a road accident on Thursday (August 17) in Selangor, Malaysia. A total of ten people died in this accident. This information was given by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) itself. Photos and videos of the plane crash on the road are becoming increasingly viral on social media, which are very frightening.

Police told about the plane crash that 8 people who died in this accident were aboard the plane, while two people died due to the impact of the plane, including a car driver and a motorcyclist.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), a small plane carrying two crew members and six passengers crashed while attempting to land at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Malaysia’s Selangor state. . According to the information given by CAAM, the aircraft collided with a car on the road.

Civil Aviation Authority chief Norjaman Mahmud said the plane had taken off from the northern resort island of Langkawi and was headed to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport, west of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. According to The Guardian report, the crashed plane was operated by Jet Valet. Along with this, a state assembly member from Pahang and the chief executive officer of an aviation company were also among the 10 people killed in the accident.

According to the report, the King of Malaysia, Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah visited the crash site. At the same time, Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Locke said that the black box would be recovered and investigated.

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