2nd Spy Balloon | Victims: US, India, Hawaii, Japan, and Phillipines | HD Closeup shot

Spy Balloon around the Moon, Be it a Day or Noon!!

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Today it’s a trending topic, The Spy Balloon, which was seen in the US, but it’s the second one!

“We are seeing reports of a balloon transiting Latin America,” Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder said, a day after the first craft was spotted over US skies. “We now assess it is another Chinese surveillance balloon.”

These have gone undetected by world’s powerful radars and air defense, Current perspective in a Meme:

You would be thinking, if it is a balloon, why not burst it and take it down!

Here is why?

The Spy balloon is attached with solar panels to power the device attached with balloon and it is not clear what is being spied on. Moreover, the military didn’t even update what are the technical details even after 24 hours of discovery.

The following images show the photo taken by an astrophotographer, which is the clearest picture ever taken by now.:

Extremely close shot of china balloon

Spy Balloon

After our research about the topic, we have also noticed that this discovery is not new.

The Spy Balloon is also spotted in places like India, Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines! 

Is it really a matter to worry about? The answer is “Yes”, just imagine your neighbor had the camera focused on your bedroom! , Yes, National security is more important than bedroom privacy.

Spy Balloon

Latest Action:

Some viral images and post are being shared as the balloon have been shot down and the following images are also being shared

Spy Balloon


Now we have this evidence:

IT was also decided earlier that, not to engage the balloon over fears that debris from an explosion could injure people on the ground.

China has claimed that the balloon is an unmanned meteorological research ship blown over the US by accident.

Overall, PR Tech News’ take on this revolves around the thought that, “Are we really safe if some nuclear spy balloon fly?” What’s your opinion? Do let us know!

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