Screaming voices used to come from the cemetery for 11 nights, no one understood the ghost, ‘hot corpse’ found in the grave on the twelfth day!

Death is such a reality of every human being’s life that it has to come. No matter how much man tries, he cannot avoid death. Because of this, most people believe in living their life openly. After the arrival of death, everything has to remain here. But what if someone is buried alive in the grave? Yes, something similar happened with a woman living in Brazil. His life was not even over yet and considering him dead, he was cremated.

The matter came to light from Brazil in the year 2018. Here a woman named Rosangela Almeida dos Santos was declared dead by doctors after two cardiac arrests. After this his dead body was buried in Richaon Das Neves in North East Brazil. His family members cried a lot after this loss. But he did not think even in his dream that he had come to bury his Rosangela alive. This woman fought for life for the whole eleven days in the grave. But eventually she lost.

screams in the night
The matter came to light when the people around kept hearing screams from the cemetery for many nights. People thought that it was probably the shadow of a ghost. Because of this no one went to that side for many days. But one night it was clearly felt that someone is asking for help from the grave. When this information was given to the management, they examined the recently buried graves. As soon as Rosangela’s grave opened in this episode, everyone was surprised.

woman buried alive

voices used to come from this grave

Evidence of being alive found in the grave
Seeing the condition of the grave of 37-year-old Rosangela, it was understood that she was alive for eleven days. He tried hard to come out. The cotton balls inserted in his nose and ears were thrown out. There were nail marks inside the grave. Rosangela’s blood was also shed due to making the mark, which was spread inside the tomb. For eleven nights Rosangela kept crying out to come out. But no one helped him considering him as a ghost. When the tomb was finally opened, he was already dead. His body was hot at that time. That is, he died shortly before the opening of the tomb.

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