Pakistan Violence 100 People Arrested So Far In Churches Vandalized In Faisalabad


Pakistan Violence: More than 100 people have been arrested in Pakistan’s Faisalabad for their involvement in riots targeting Christians over alleged blasphemy. These arrests have taken place after night patrolling. Significantly, on Wednesday, an angry mob ransacked a Christian settlement in Jaranwala and burnt several churches.

According to Dawn’s report, in view of the current situation, the district administration has imposed Section 144 in the area for seven days. Along with this, security in Pakistan is on high alert. On this matter, the spokesperson of the Punjab government said in a statement that the provincial government has also ordered a high-level inquiry into the incident. Earlier, Punjab’s Interim Information Minister Amir Mir had said that “Dozens of people who disturbed the peace in the area have been detained.

Violence carried out under ‘well-planned conspiracy’

On this whole incident, Amir Mir said that this violence was done under a ‘well thought out conspiracy’. It was a plan to disturb the peace by provoking public sentiments. Geo News quoted Mir as saying that the situation in Faisalabad is completely under control now. He further said that the investigation of the incident is going on fast. The administration has been given the freedom that if anyone tries to take the law into their hands, they should be arrested immediately. He said the security of churches has been tightened and security forces have been deployed in large numbers in sensitive areas.

6,000 security forces deployed

According to the report of Geo News, more than 6,000 policemen and rangers personnel are present in the affected areas. Christian leaders allege that the police remained mere spectators during the entire incident. Bishop Azad Marshall, president of the Church of Pakistan, said that Christians are being tortured and persecuted.

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