Not China, now this country is creating another deadly virus, this time it will spread terror through chickens!

The competition to become powerful in the world has been going on between many countries for many years. Earlier countries used to keep such useful things with them, which used to praise them. The more advanced things he had, the more modern and powerful he was considered. But with time the meaning of being powerful started changing. In today’s date, the more deadly weapons he has, the more powerful he considers himself. Earlier power was demonstrated with bullet guns. But now its meaning has changed.

The meaning of being powerful has changed over time. Some time ago there was a competition between many countries to have nuclear weapons. Every country was engaged in making itself powerful by making this weapon. But gradually the era of nuclear weapons also ended. Now the time has come for biological weapons. Yes, now people are making biological weapons. Dangerous viruses are made in this, through which destruction can be caused in the world.

Another virus is being made in UK
According to the latest news, United Kingdom is making a new virus. Twenty top scientists of the country are preparing it in a secret lab. Like bird flu, it will spread from birds to humans. For this, a secret lab has been set up in Porton Down, UK. This is a vaccine research facility, where research is done to make antidoses of deadly viruses like corona. But in order to make antidose, many deadly viruses like corona are being made and stored in this lab.

uk deadly virus

Antidoses of virus are being made in this lab

bird flu is deadly
Bird flu is one of the many viruses being created in the facility. If there is any kind of leakage like in Wuhan of China, then many types of deadly viruses will spread again in the world. This lab is so dangerous that only twenty people are allowed inside it. At present, many viruses are being made in this lab, but the virus that spreads avian flu is considered to be the most dangerous virus here. All that has to be seen is that in this campaign to save the world, UK may not bring another catastrophe.

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