Akshay Kumar had given life to this IPL team after suffering the loss of crores, the team was broken due to financial loss

Akshay Kumar gave life to this IPL team after suffering loss of crores
The team was broken by financial losses

New Delhi. The relation between Bollywood and cricketers is very old. Their closeness has further increased with the advent of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Author, former manager of the Indian team, Amrit Mathur has revealed one such interesting story related to Bollywood and cricketer. He has now told the people about the 2009 episode involving Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. He has told how the actor himself had saved an IPL team from drowning after suffering a loss of crores.

During the second season of IPL, Akshay Kumar was joined by Daredevils (currently Delhi Capitals). At that time the Chief COO of Daredevils was Amrit Mathur. Mathur has told in his book that despite Akshay Kumar joining the team, Daredevils did not get much benefit. The franchise which had missed an important opportunity to strengthen its brand. Because of which the franchise suffered a financial setback and Akshay had to be separated from the franchise.

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There was a 3-year agreement between the franchisee and Akshay:

Mathur has written in his autobiography ‘Pitchside: My Life in Indian Cricket’ that there was a three-year deal between the Daredevils and Akshay. Meanwhile, the actor was involved in shooting promotional films with the franchise, attending meet and greet events and corporate events. However, none of this turned out to be true. We did not know how to take advantage of them. After which we incurred losses and we decided to cancel or renegotiate the contract with them.

Mathur has told that, ‘There was no way out in the contract with Akshay Kumar. The franchisee’s lawyers tried to renegotiate the contract with Akshay’s employees, but to no avail.

He told that, ‘Looking at the financial consequences and heavy expenditure, the only way out was to avoid Akshay. The franchisee knew that they could not legally win against Akshay. In such a situation, we requested him for mercy.

He further told that after the completion of his work, I went to meet him in his vanity van. I politely explained the reason for my visit. Meanwhile, information about the losses incurred by the franchisee was also given.

To this Akshay Kumar replied saying, no problem, if this plan is not working then stop it. I couldn’t believe it. Seeing me confused, he again said, ‘Isko kharaam kar dete hain’. When I told him about the rules, he said, ‘No problem, I will talk to my lawyer about it.’

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