Aliens Making Universe In Lab Harvard University Professor Avi Loeb Claims


Aliens News: Various claims have been made about aliens. Some say that they are among us, while some claim that they do not want to contact us right now. Meanwhile, a professor of Harvard University has made a sensational claim. They say that aliens are probably engaged in creating the universe itself. It is claimed that aliens have created many universes like our universe in the lab.

Avi Loeb, former chairman of the Astronomy Department of Harvard University, is trying to prove the existence of aliens. They say that aliens are more advanced than us. He has the ability to create small universes in the lab. Professors even claim that aliens have created our universe. Avi Loeb has been making such sensational claims in the past as well.

What did Professor Loeb say?

According to a Fox News report, Professor Loeb is currently studying the recovered pieces of an object that fell from space in the Pacific Ocean. In a conversation with Fox News, Loeb said that alien civilizations are millions of years ahead of us. He has understood how to unify quantum mechanics and gravity.

According to him, by doing so, that situation arises, through which the universe comes into existence. Even though the matter of preparing the universe in the lab seems a bit excessive. But scientists have made single cell organisms before also. Professor says that this is such a quality, which we give to God in religious texts. However, many scientists have questioned Professor Loeb’s claims.

When Oumuamua was told about the ship of aliens

Professor Loeb has been in the headlines for years for his claims. His most surprising claim was that in 2017, an object of space named ‘Oumuamua, discovered by scientists, was an alien ship. Scientists criticized him for his claim. However, even after this, Professor Loeb is busy in his research and wants to prove people wrong.

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