The Importance of Mental Health in Workplace

Mental health can be considered a sensational topic when it comes to the workplace in this generation. Campaigns to avoid mental stress at the workplace are a common initiative nowadays. But it is quite important to understand on your own what mental health is, in what ways it’s affecting you, and how you can overcome it to live a happy and stress-free work life.

What exactly is Mental Health?

We can define mental health as a state in which a person can cope with stressors, work productively, and reach their full potential to contribute to their society. Fit mental and physical health are required for good health and concentration. Indeed, mental health plays a major role in human performance, and impacts it. So, we can say that mental health influences physical health too, and as a result, workplace wellness becomes a top priority.

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You might be wondering why workplace mental stress is being highlighted here. Let us tell you. People who go to work every day, are more prone to mental illness, which can be easily described as tension, stress, anxiety, irritation, and many more words to describe it. 

An individual’s positive mental health allows them to cope with all their challenging roles and responsibilities, as well as manage stress. A stress-free mind can tend to do tasks more efficiently and finish the work without any distractions, which of course is beneficial for both the employee and the team or the company. A positive attitude can assist everyone in displaying their skills more openly and without pressure, flourishing in their role, learning more, enjoying their workplace, and reaching their full potential. These all factors make the talk of mental health in workplace very important.

As we’ve learned about the advantages of having a positive attitude, let’s look at how the workplace affects mental health:

Mental Health at Workplace:

Usually, workplaces tend to care for employees through their health and safety policies. If a company’s health and safety policies are poorly managed, it may influence employees’ decisions, resulting in fewer employees and, ultimately, the company’s loss.

A kind environment is a must. A good employee-manager relationship is necessary. Poor or rude communication, as well as overburdening employees with work, can often lead to workplace stress and negatively impact their health. And this doesn’t just applicable to managers or higher-level staffs, but between the employees themselves too.  Supporting people in the surrounding becomes a necessity. If an employee feels low, unsupported, and unmotivated by their workmates, this can lead to stress or anxiety. 

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High expectations from an employee can lead to take much stress and tension. This puts an unnecessary strain on them, causing emotional and physical exhaustion. The same also results into the thoughts of job loss, which does not help their health at all.

If you carefully understand these, you may realize that this surely affects employee’s mental health, but it can also lead to loss of company due to poor treatment of workers and loss of staff.

And, personally, the stress also influences your personal performance. You can struggle with communication, and it can feel tough to be fit and functional every day, resulting in physical tiredness. Your mind gets disturbed trying to make your own decisions, which makes productivity at work or engagement with work tough, which is surely not beneficial for you.

You are Not Alone!

Mental health is not a small topic to stop talking about. This is a loss for both the person and the company they’re working for. So, the solution must be found by both of them to overcome all the stress.

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At the workplace, the company can take certain steps, such as offering free clinical screenings or therapies for coming out of stress and depression at work. Creating fun activities such as a trip, yoga sessions, or small outings for their relaxation Can introduce mental health self-testing tools, assign work in bits, and avoid last-minute burden. Can open relaxation spots such as a park, or simple hangout space in an office. They can hire mental well-being coaches for sessions, giving beneficial health insurances to their workers. 

On the other hand, as an individual, or as an employee, you can indulge in company sponsored activities. You have open talks with your workmates, improve relations and make friendships, practice self-care and meditation, organize your tasks, and take care of your physical health too.

Even though some companies have adapted these solutions, there are still more companies that need to take this initiative to make this generation stress-free. It’s time for employees to take good initiative for their own well-being.

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