Where does God sit ?, and which way does He look-north, south, east, or west?

Welcome to another spiritual article; this article is picked from the book “The Devine Romance”, which helped me understand some of the miracles that happen in one’s life.

The Question: Where does God sit, and which way does He look-north, south, east, or west?

This concept or the question itself a story to realise the existence of god, a practical way to understand his existence, the story goes like this ..

A king asked one of his subjects to prove the existence of god, with the condition that if he failed to convenience king within 15 days then the subject would be hanged ..

The subject went home to think, and told his servant that he would be killed unless he answered the king within a fortnight.

The Answer: “Let me go for you. I will answer the question.” So the servant went to the king and explained his errand. “First,” he said, “let me sit on your throne, for while I answer your question, I am your teacher.” The king surrendered his throne to the servant.

Then asked him: “Where does God sit, and which way does He look-north, south, east, or west?”

The servant responded with a request, “Bring me a cow.” So a cow was brought. Then the servant said, “Where is the milk?”

“In the udder,” said the king.

“Nay, Sire,” said the servant, “the milk is not only in the udder, but throughout the cow, for the milk is in the essence of the cow.”

Then the servant asked that a bowl of milk be brought; and when it was set before him, he asked the king: “Where is the butter?”
The king said, “I see no butter.”
The servant answered, “The butter is throughout the milk.

Just churn the milk, and the butter will become separated from it.
Therefore, as the milk is all through the cow, and the butter is present throughout the milk, so is God everywhere.”

Thus did the wisdom of the servant save the life of his master, for the king received the correct answer to his question.

The reason I had to put out this article is : These days the woke culture is persuading the internet and people”s mind, where the existential reality is forgotten.

Also, from my deeper thoughts and according to science as well.. I have analysed something similar… and it goes like this.. : So lets speak in the microscopic level; everything is comprised of atoms, electrons and neutrons… whatever it may be on earth … Now you might have heard the term (ANU / KANA) , which essentially means smallest particle of any material… so.. for a moment lets forget the materialistic characters and combination of molecules of an object … and consider it as one single atom … now whatever you take into consideration it may be a atom of human, tree, milk, even nuclear bomb is just the same ….. ???? our scriptures say “god is everywhere”, now scientifically(according to humans logic), everything is same “atom”, so coming back to ANY/KANA  which can be related as…“Anu Renu Truna Kasta” (means, everywhere and in everything).

Scientifically.. ANU/ATOM is known to be

  1. Neutron – When attempted to break it, it has the power of destruction(SHIVA).
  2. Proton – Holds the bond between Neutron and electron and keeps Atom alive(VISHNU).
  3. Electron – More active and creates things by bonding with other electrons(BRAHMA).

By this logic… it really made huge sense…

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