Vladimir Putin Reveals to PM Modi at SCO Summit

modi and putin in sco summit

Vladimir Putin reveals why he could not wish PM Modi ‘Happy Birthday’ in advance

President Putin wished “all the best” to his “dear friend” Prime Minister Modi as the two leaders held talks on the sidelines of the annual SCO Summit.

Vladimir Putin:
“I would like to wish India all the best. I also know that tomorrow, my dear friend, you are about to celebrate your birthday. As per the Russian tradition, we never offer Congratulations in advance. So, I cannot do that right now”.

“But I would like you to know that we know about that. And we wish you all the best. We wish all the best to the friendly Indian nation and we wish prosperity to India under your leadership,”

Putin said the relations between Russia and India continue to develop very rapidly and have the nature of a strategic privileged partnership, asserting that the two countries are actively engaging on international platforms.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi turns 72 Today

Later Modi tweeted
“Had a wonderful meeting with President Putin. We got the opportunity to discuss furthering India-Russia cooperation in sectors such as trade, energy, defence, and more. We also discussed other bilateral and global issues,”

Previously Russia said it would do everything to end the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible.

“Unfortunately, the leadership of Ukraine announced its refusal from the negotiation process and that it wants to achieve its goals by military means”

Authors View : All these devlopments shows the integrety with India and Russia.

Source : Moscow Edits

Reshared Author : Praneethraj Bhat


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