Scary Motorbike Ride from Bangalore to Mangalore!

Hello, I am Praneethraj Bhat (Author); in this blog, I will share the authentic and scary experience that happened in 2019 when I traveled from Bangalore to Mangalore via Nagamangala (Village Road connecting to Bellur Cross).

The entire experience line is my friend Jnanesh Koppla (pillion rider), and I saw a lady without a proper face, an entirely white BRIGHT saree walking…

Ride Started

It was night 11.00~11:30 PM (Saturday) when we had food in Vijayanagar food street and started the journey home in the heavy traffic of Bangalore. We travelled in traffic and thought to deviate for a better road, and then google maps suggested this new road.

We were commencing a village in this red-marked area, and it was almost 1.30~2:00 hours of the journey due to heavy traffic. It was a village with tiny houses, huts, and plain land. Only a few street lights were working on this road, and we were also observing and enjoying the calm and clean breeze (a lot better than traffic on the dusty road).

Enjoying time & weather

There was a road with no house, only plain land time was ticking 12.30~1:00 Approx, and bike speed was also slow (45~60 Kmph) as it was a slippery sand road.


Straight road, I saw a lady walking in a hurry.. rushing somewhere .. as said earlier, BRIGHT SHINING white saree, jasmine in her head ( i was able to smell jasmine fragrance in almost 10~15 Meters) , a small vanity bag either left or right my common sense was disabled. I was thinking as general a lady might have gone to some house and traveling back or so… I said this to my friend as she was precisely after while passing.

My friend didn’t respond, we both turned back, and we could not see face (pitch dark) .. and the lady was much near than expected..!

This was a chilling scary situation for both of us, same scare, horror was running in mind … but we both didn’t speak for 2~3 mins thinking “I might scare him” he was thinking vice versa… later I opened my mouth and said … “dude ..what did we just saw? is it some lady going somewhere? Like a home or so at this night?”

And he replied, “did u see any house nearby while traveling??? ” and end of all positive thoughts! We both understood it was not normal at all.

Other Factors :

  • We were not discussing any negative things or having any thoughts!
  • Only worried that we might have lost as the internet was not available.
  • Jnanesh is little psychic and can feel other types of energy
  • We both are daring, not scared to go anywhere at any time!

And readers..!

This was not my first experience!! Stay tuned for the next paranormal experience story of my life. !


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