UP Tree Plantation Campaign Target Of Planting 35 Crore Trees Fulfilled On Independence Day ANN



UP News: The target of planting 35 crore trees in Uttar Pradesh has been achieved. On the occasion of Independence Day, more than 5 crore saplings were planted on Tuesday. Since July 22, more than 30 crore saplings had been planted. So far 36 crore 15 lakh 98 thousand 954 saplings have been planted. Chief Minister on Tuesday morning Yogi Adityanath (Yogi Adityanath) had launched 5 crore plantation drive under the Tree Plantation Mass Campaign 2023. On the occasion of the launch of plantation campaign, he said that when nature is safe, God’s grace will also remain and we will be free from disaster.

CM Yogi said that these lush green trees will become the medium to connect all of us with nature and the divine. What must have been the vision of Indian Manisha. During this, tree plantation and Amrit Stambh were also inaugurated in Amrit Vatika on Gomti beach (near Jhulelal Vatika). He said that India has recognized it since ancient times, three sacred trees (Peepal, Pakad and Banyan) were also added in the form of Harishankari. He said that Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak planted three plants (mango-neem and one other plant) in the form of goddess. Nakshatra Vatika means 27 constellations and Navagraha Vatika also has trees named after 9 planets. This is the proud tradition of India.

‘If you play with nature, you will not be able to escape from its side effects’

The CM said that Amrit Vatika is calling us to connect with a new resolution in the centenary year of the country’s independence. Within a month, due to heavy rains in different parts of the country, widespread loss of life and property was seen. Whenever you play with nature, you will not be able to escape from the side effects. Yesterday in Himachal, then again in Uttarakhand, we have seen nature’s orgy. Amrit Vatika is a good effort. Right on the pretext of Amrit Vatika, we have got the opportunity to join with the new resolution to save the environment.

What else did CM Yogi say?

CM Yogi said that PM Modi had called on every Indian to take some resolution in the first year of Amrit Kaal, between 9 and 30 August, on the August Revolution Day. Different programs are being organized in this sequence. Meri Mati-Mera Desh programme, salutations to the soil and salutations to the heroes have started. It is my good fortune that the date of August 9 is one of the dates associated with the freedom movement, when we all had the opportunity to associate with the organization of the Kakori train action. On August 9, I got the opportunity to start the ‘Mati Ko Naman-Veeron Ka Vandan’ program from Kakori.

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