Mandsaur railway station will also be equipped with facilities under Amrit Bharat Yojana, passengers will get these facilities


As such, till now the Railways has been providing various types of passenger facilities at major stations of the country. Now many such facilities are going to be provided to the Mandsaur railway station located at the district headquarters. Under the Amrit Bharat station scheme, 16 small stations of Ratlam Railway Division were selected. Passengers have to get many other facilities including WiFi under the Amrit station scheme. According to the information received, after the selection, now the green signal has also been received from Western Railway, Amrit Bharat to provide better facilities to the passengers at various railway stations of the railway division. Development works will be done under the station plan.

Modernization of the facilities being provided to the passengers will be done by making a master plan of these stations. Other facilities along with passenger facilities will be expanded at stations like Laxmibai Nagar, Limkheda, Chanderiya and Chittorgarh. According to the information received from Ratlam Railway Headquarters, Amrit Bharat Yojana will be implemented on the basis of needs and patronage of railway stations. Under this scheme, Ratlam Division Will ensure infrastructural development for 16 stations. High level platforms will be ensured at all categories of stations. The length of the platform will be 600 meters.

5G tower also included in the master plan
A master plan will be prepared for the railway station to build a roof plaza and city center in the station premises. Along with this, the drainage of platform areas is a very important issue, for this, special attention will be paid to the cleaning of drains where there is no slope. There will be other arrangements including suitable cross drains and pumps. Apart from this, free Wi-Fi facility will also be provided to the users of railway stations for which 5G tower is also included in the master plan. The existing furniture in waiting room, platform, retiring room and office will be reviewed and if required, the furniture will be replaced to make it more comfortable and durable. Adequate number of toilets will also be available at all categories of stations for physically challenged persons. Will be done.