All you need to know about Trump’s latest announcement: Something cooking before 2024?

Donald Trump is running for president again in 2024, making him the first-ever leader in 130 years to reclaim the White House after being denied by the voters. At the age of 76, he is making history by becoming the only second US president after Grover Cleveland in 1897 to serve a non-consecutive tenure.

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In his 20-minute long, expected speech at Mar-a-Lago resort filled with American flags. Mr. Trump announced that he would be one of the presidential candidates in the 2024 election.

Before his speech, he already filled out the paperwork with the federal election commission, confirming his candidacy. This step of filling out the paperwork this early is considered a way of raising more money for his campaign.

However, climbing the ladder of power at this time will be challenging for Mr. Trump. The political dynamics since the infamous 2016 election have changed. Moreover, his position in the party and the state also makes it more difficult for him this time.

Is Donald Trump still the Republican nominee?

The US parties usually give the officials another chance to run for president. But after his brutal loss in the 2020 elections, Mr. Trump is no longer the party’s official leader.

Even though Trump faced problems in several domains, including a criminal investigation into his possessed government documents when he left congressional subpoena and his office in January, Trump has denied any wrongdoing and calls these investigations politically motivated.

In the 2022 midterm elections, Trump also played a substantial role in selecting and promoting his candidates, who supported his false claims of voting fraud in the 2020 elections, leading to his loss. However, things didn’t turn out as expected for the republicans in Congress. Most of his elected representatives for both the houses and the governer lost the election on November 8.

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Although Trump still has a loyal following amongst the Republican party. Following the Trump news, some party leaders and donors look past his loyalty as they are tired of the drama that comes with him, especially after the accusations of electing and promoting weak representatives for the midterm elections. Which eventually led to a loss for the congress party.

How will the Republicans choose their nominee?

The competition for the Republican party nomination will be done by primary elections and state-by-state caucuses through which Republican voters will choose their representatives. The official nominee will be selected at a national convention amongst the chosen representatives of the states.

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Although the election is still two years away, the candidates interested in becoming the nominee- announced and unannounced- will begin to visit states with prior party primaries, including Iowa and New Hampshire. The contest for nomination will take place in early 2024.

Who are Trump’s competitors for the election in 2024?

No one else has officially announced their candidacy for President yet. After his win in the midterm election as Florida governor on November 8, Ron De Santis is seen as the strong rival. Trump, in his speech, nicknamed him “Ron de sanctimonious” and threatened to uncover ruining information about him.

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Other than Ron, a few potential competitors, including Mr. Glenn Youngkin, governor of Virginia; Mike Pence, former Vice President, Larry Hogan governor of Maryland and Mike Pompeo, former secretary of the state, is expected to run for the 2024 election.

President Joe Biden said that he expects to run next year. The age factor also doesn’t help both candidates. Joe Biden turns 80 this month, while Donald Trump is 76 years old. In a research exit poll, seven out of midterm voters agreed that Biden should not run for president again. Six out of ten voters in the same survey also have critical viewpoints towards trump.

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