The Real & Simple Way to be Positive, Always!

You might have been flooded with positive and similar feeds online, how to be positive, think positive, etc., by a long list of remedies and lengthy videos without understanding the primary problem.

I praneethraj Bhat don’t recommend it, here I will share my experience and how I handled negative thoughts and energy.

The total concept of energy is simple, either positive or negative, and how you balance it is the key to falling on one side of it.

It is common for many young generations to get into different situations where we might need to think, deal with, handle, and understand a lot. Here, we are spending our energy (consider balanced energy power).

But if things go wrong, you feel bad, and your mind starts consuming and recycling the thoughts, which often end up in a series of negative thoughts. No way you can stop it. Sometimes it may carry up to your sleep.

The First Easy Method:

So here is the idea, put one positive thought over a bundle of negative thoughts. When you stop thinking negative, make sure you think something positive about yourself or a positive situation (positive or happy memories preferred). — the positive situation here doesn’t mean you need to think positively about your complex negative thought —

Just end or remember something good that happened to you in your life. For example, your first job offer, your selection for a job and how relaxed you were about life for that moment, your journey with friends, the happy destinations you travelled, some help you did for others to keep them happy. u get it—anything positive in a broad sense.

At this point, once you are conscious and able to replace or end with a positive thought, you have won the game! next .. practice makes you stronger and keep doing it.

You can stop here if you are in the initial step of overcoming your thought.. the next method is a physical one, which you need to be consistent about.

The Second Method:

Keep your body in function, and don’t let it rust being at rest, here it also includes brisk walks for work, cleaning the home daily with some physical movement, evening walks or quick and easy sprints of 100~200 meters running. All these create subconscious life energy internally by heavy breathing and indirectly will give you a little body pain for the first few days, but you will start seeing that change in sleep pattern as well now this is the other point where you create energy.

Wait for the next blog for another powerful method that can make you stable and control the negative vibe and stabilize.


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