Something About Women!


And yea… sometimes I go to deep things despite cybersecurity, spirituality and all other daily routine stuff..

Something about women is an article that helped myself to understand and have thoughtful life with my future partner..

A deep visual thinking goes around each word of the following:

She rises each morning, either as a responsible daughter waking up to earn for her home and family, or as a mother who wakes up to sit and have coffee with her loved one, or to hear curse words before even opening her mouth, her soul bruised but unbroken

A woman’s world is woven with love, raised with fear and care, supporting a father and a resilient mother who lived their lives for their kids. Despite the weight of societal expectations to uphold her upbringing, and to watch over whom she associates with, isn’t this crushing her spirit? Just as a man, if even one guy treated me the way society treats women, I would have sent him to hell.

Her relationships are her sanctuary. She can be a lady who wakes up with her loved one, with loyalty as her aim in life, or she can be seen as a witch hungry for attention from others. Balancing countless roles, she navigates her world with humor and grace. And yes, this applies to men as well! 😂😂

Personally, by looking at my parents, or by reimagining their simple communications, bad arguments, or fights, I see her emotional strength that keeps her up and high. Whether it’s her husband’s simple words of encouragement, like “I believe in you,” or the quiet aches of daily communication with her husband and children, rekindling her inner fire, she fortifies her spirit to be who she is today.

These silent struggles form the foundation upon which her family stands, her strength a pillar that supports not just her own dreams, but those of her loved ones.

In the face of emotional upheaval, her vulnerability can be source of power or weakness by the way she is…or her surroundings..

Despite it all, she continues to lift herself and others towards the light as a daughter, mother and wife, her journey a testament to the enduring power of the female spirit.

Yes.. I know this all seems lil wonderland but can be true as well(Think Positive!).. I also know how cringe, criminally they think, how they get things done without actually speaking it and all other qualities of fox and serpent combined …LOL🤣🤣

Dedicated to all women who live protecting sanctuary, are genuine to whom they live with, respecting the ones around, being shock absorbers of family life 💖!