Pictures Of Girlfriend Went Viral After Breakup Woman Awarded 1.2 Billion Dollar Court Ordered In Texas Us

Texas Breakup Case: In Texas, USA, a man has been taught a tough lesson by the court for posting pictures of his ex-girlfriend on social media without permission. In fact, the Texas jury, while giving a verdict in favor of a victim of ‘revenge-porn’, has ordered the accused to pay 1.2 billion US dollars i.e. about 9 thousand 984 crore rupees as compensation.

According to the report of NBC News, the identity of the woman has not been revealed at the moment. Although the first letter of his name is D.L. Is. In court documents, the victim (DL) accused her ex-boyfriend of sharing pornographic images on the Internet. In this case, the court has given its verdict in favor of the victim woman.

Ex-girlfriend’s obscene pictures posted on the Internet

It is alleged that the woman’s ex-boyfriend, Marques Jamal Jackson, allegedly posted the pictures on several social media sites. Also, he shared the objectionable photographs of the victim (D.L.) with her friends, her co-workers and family members. Not only this, the accused had also created a website to keep obscene pictures of his ex-girlfriend. According to media reports, he also sent links of these photos to the victim’s friends and families through the Dropbox folder. According to the report, these pictures of the victim are from when both were dating each other. During this, the victim had sent some of her intimate pictures to Marcus.

Used to threaten the victim by messaging

DL’s lawyers say that Jackson has done this with the intention of tarnishing the victim’s image. Along with this, he used to constantly threaten the victim that ‘now you will have to spend your whole life erasing your obscene pictures from the internet’.

Case filed in 2022

According to the report, the victim and Marcus Jamal Jackson started dating in 2016. Then both came into relationship and started living together. But in the year 2020, both of them separated from each other. In the court, the victim’s lawyers said that in October 2021, Jackson D.L. Started sending threatening messages to. Also, he started sharing her pornographic photos and videos on pornographic websites. After which the victim filed a case in 2022.

Court ordered to give 1.2 billion dollars

Marcus Jamal Jackson did not appear in the court during the hearing, but one of his lawyers was present. Court orders Marcus to pay $200 million in restitution for past and future mental anguish to his ex-girlfriend (victim) as well as $1 billion in damages (a total of $1.2 billion) .

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