Faults in machines installed to detect movement of train on tracks says report

Indian Railways has faced a major train accident this year. Hundreds of people lost their lives in the accident in Balasore. Railways have been accused of negligence in this matter. Railways is trying to ensure that such accidents do not come again. However, a report has raised questions on the claims and preparations of the Railways. A fault has been detected in a sensor machine used to detect traffic on railway tracks. After testing the machine, the officials have told in the report that there is a problem in it. An accident like Balasore could have happened because of this.

One of PTI News I have been told about this. As per reports, the machine which is responsible for tracking the movement of trains is failing in its work. Sometimes the sensor of the machine tracks the movement of trains, but sometimes it does not get to know about it. Even in such a situation, the machine sends signals, which is like inviting big accidents.

The report says that the Railways has installed 3,000 such machines in its 7 regions. It is being said that these machines are faulty. The report says that this system is faulty and sends a signal as soon as it comes in contact with any metal.

Engineers who have complained about this matter say that such a disturbance will give wrong information, due to which the station master can make a mistake. Obviously such a situation can give birth to an incident like Balasore. This machine was installed by the Railways in one of its units as per the instructions of RDSO. It is said that one such unit costs Rs 5 lakh and the Railways has bought 4,000 units.

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