My meeting with 34 year old Witch!


Yes, I am Praneethraj Bhat, back with another supernatural experience!!!.

You might think, “how come this guy started to speak about the supernatural, ghosts and negative energy, god and positive energy and all these angles.”


So, I had my first paranormal experience at the age of 13, and as time passed, there were many other similar experiences(which I will share in the coming days), and gradually, I understood all of these. Therefore, I had no explanation initially for these experiences till I was able to understand the logic of energy as well.

Due to other circumstances and a fear of social sharing, I was also waiting for the right time and maturity to give an explanation, So this is what I have to say about it all.

Moreover, I have been practising Veda mantras ( learnt from Subramanya Veda Patha shall for 3 years), and Undergo deeper meditation and practice Japa sometimes to receive some positive cosmic energy and have more sensitivity to my surroundings.


Now, the reason why I thought to share this story is to put ahead of all other experiences that THIS IS STILL HAUNTING ME, AND I HAD TO INVEST POSITIVE ENERGY TO RECOLLECT AND WRITE THIS ARTICLE ALL TOGETHER.. DUE TO THE INFLUENCE OF NEGATIVE ENERGY!!!


First Meet

So it was August 2022 there was some event in my apartment, and by chance had to meet this lady!

And got to know she is from India, and I Don’t want to disclose her identity as I am not trying to portray that she is bad and I am in not sure is it her or some opposing force acting inside from her!

So initially, the conversation went with this stranger very well and got connected and felt like a friend who and also, while staying away from my home country and being alone made me speak to her easily.

In the conversation, I got to know she is almost 9 years older than me and we had a healthy conversation about career, health and the weather in the UK.

The first day itself I felt that energy… thought it was positive and I expressed it to her in the next conversation without introspection and thinking more about it…. because sometimes negativity can blind your thought process.

Yes, blinding your thought process means you will think based on the influence of the negative energy goal and requirement.

Then all of a sudden it happened to meet again at 10 PM, night after food. I was coming back from a walk and she was sitting outside and we continued the conversation for few minutes and then she directly asked me to come to her kitchen so she can cook and speak together!

I was a little uncomfortable moving to somebody’s kitchen all of a sudden… and she caught it and directly asked to feel comfortable and said I could leave if it’s too late!

I felt ok, and however its shared student accommodation like me there were other in her flat and its common in UK.

So she microwaved some packed food and had it, offered me but I had finished my food and came from a walk I refused to have. In the conversation, she started to speak about her life and say how conservative families in India, who don’t leave kids to move around and how she as a girl faced all these daddy issues. She also mentioned how she managed to get married to boy (her college friend) who was already engaged to another girl. how she broke that engagement and married to this guy – ( note this point). and she also expressed something is not right and not letting her to get consived! ( This is effect of negative soul restricting the body to have another soul – Read from legit ancient source)later I shared some of the incident that happened to me how naughty i was in my childhood and was being treated badly by my teachers in school due to my silly mistakes.

Then she also said that she is being tortured at home from husband’s family and she tried to commit suicide( Note the point) , she also showed me the blade cut marks on her wrist !

I was devasted and felt very sad!, just imagine some girl comes to you and say all bad things happening to her in life and you feel sorry about it! .. that’s how even i felt about her.. that too almost 10 years elder and feeling of really elder sister and no other type of attraction or intentions over her …Disclosing it frankly!

This all happened in a week of time, so fast!!! and she had discussed her family issues with me! ho.. this feels how fool I was to feel sorry about this!..

Another thing!.. during our conversation, I felt that energy again! and this time I was dam sure it was negative energy and tried not to express it to her nor change my facial expression to let her know about this … and I am sure that I felt like someone is watching me near the door! and I took almost 5 seconds of the gap while communicating to her when i felt it!

Below the image is the door, where you can see that there is a tiny glass to look inside, and you can observe lights on and off as usual. The following is an image from my flat, it’s identical in the whole building.

From this glass, I felt someone looking inside, and that’s it.. conversation continued.

Now soon just after 1 minute the lights started blinking! and it’s not common in the UK .. that too in my building has 24-hour continuous power supply and till date, I had never seen a power outage not lights going off automatically!

During the conversation, this happened and I felt its time to leave and I said I had to go ..

and left almost at 1:30 Midnight! .. I don’t even understand today how the time went so fast….. What did we speak for so long!….. I don’t remember how time passed….. Why I didn’t even feel sleepy! …. Nor I had a chance to flip my phone to see the time!.. 

And this is just the beginning ! .. it’s a bit long .. bear with me now. I will share the effects .. how I discovered this as negative and even you can identify knowing these facts!..

The next day it was again normal, and while I was coming back from the gym I met her again, it was evening, and we started speaking again… Now I wanted to forget negative things and went back to positively ignoring things that happened! .. the conversation went about general topics and interfering with some bad things that cannot be disclosed in blog!

this continued for 2 weeks almost every alternative day  and every day there was some negative statement like ( i wanted to bleed and die, I had brought some poison to drink, I wanted to torture for those who hurt me .. and the list goes… )

And again as thought..  she asked me to come to her kitchen! … Here, my sense and observation activated, and I was ready to sense all types of energy! my all sense and observation were at their peak and trying to find one negative signal to flash!

The same negative vibe and the negative feeling started forcing my mind into delusion and was trying to invade consciousness .. yes we were having a regular conversation, but forces were acting on me!.. she started to speak about death and all negative stuff and by this time, I was sure I need to leave .. 

I just stopped speaking to her!.. story ends … But things I wanted to mention … Introspection and self-realisation helped me identify this negative stuff!

How we change with negative energy( I faced ) :

  • It stops your positive vibe, and leaves you in some kind of confusion
  • Your energy depletes and feel getting attached to someone
  • Bring back all your habits
  • You might sometimes have stomach issues( this happens due to physical issues as well)
  • Get angry without reason or lose emotional stability
  • Make you feel secure and drains more energy

All these are what I can disclose as o now!

You can also find people with negative energy: check the following points more closely in any person.. (a person might know or will not know about their issue.. the negative force will encache well they will not understand it at all)


Qualities you observe or understand from them:

  • Have a bad background of sadist life
  • All relationships and relatives(friends and family) get disconnected soon after connection or have a bad history.
  • Officially/Materialistically really great, but personally utter failed life.
  • Suicidal Speaks or Killing Instincts over other
  • Extreme mode swings and no control over the real soul in them
  • Birth Soul will be crying for help; Dark soul will keep it shut with temporary happiness
  • Trying to depend on one or another and having a long history of hatred-filled life.


I know its been long article.. i have cut many incidents that happened in between to shorten as much as possible with retaining the context.

Belive it or not, Yes it’s true and it exists!