Malaysia Airlines Flight Bomb Threat By Man Police Arrested


Malaysian Airlines: The man who threatened to blow up a flight from Australia to Malaysia with a bomb has been arrested by the police. The Australian Police gave this information on Tuesday. Police said that a flight from Australia to Malaysia had to return to Sydney after a bomb threat.

Australian police said in a statement that the 45-year-old man who threatened to blow up the plane has been arrested and is being questioned. The person taken into custody has been identified as Mohammad Arif, a resident of Canberra.

Police said that the incident took place on Monday (August 14), when Malaysia Airlines flight MH122 returned to Sydney airport after the threat. After which the person who made the threat was taken into custody. Police allege that Arif suddenly turned subversive and claimed to have explosives in the plane.

32 domestic flights canceled

Sydney Airport said about the incident that due to this thirty-two domestic flights were canceled and other domestic flights were delayed by up to 90 minutes. No international flights were cancelled. According to the police, the accused has been accused of threatening to damage an aircraft and not following the safety instructions of the cabin crew. In this case, the person detained can face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of more than 15,000 Australian dollars (US$7,300).

Suddenly the threatening person started praying in the flight

According to a Reuters report, the plane with 199 passengers and 12 crew had left Sydney for Kuala Lumpur on Monday afternoon. A passenger aboard the plane told that during this time Arif started praying loudly. The passenger further said that ‘at that time, we thought he was praying for everyone but half an hour after the flight, Arif started misbehaving with people. At the same time, he started threatening that there are explosives in his backpack. In such a situation, the pilot decided to return to Sydney for security reasons.

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