Love awakened after retirement, got married at the age of 80, also went on honeymoon


Amazing Love Story: Being old does not mean life is over. After retirement, people usually think that now the last phase of life is going on. But Christopher Streets, 82, and Rosa, 81, don’t think so. When both retired from their jobs, they moved away from their families to a retirement village. Where he wanted to spend his life serving the people. If Christopher didn’t have a wife, Rosa’s husband had passed away a few years back. Both were single and were living happily. Then something happened that both of them fell in love. Both of them got married at this age. Even went on honeymoon.

Rosa recounts the first meeting, I saw her sitting near the window and I was sitting in front of her. The sun was shining on her and she was wearing lovely yellow socks, which almost seemed to glisten in the sun. Then he came to me and sat on the sofa and we started talking. Then when we both fell in love, it was not known. We both had the same choice. He was also interested in art, theatre, history and music and so was I. We started meeting and one day the matter reached to marriage.

I was not feeling after the death of my partner
The family of both lives in Somerset. But after the death of their respective spouses, they were not feeling well and both had come to the retirement village of Keesham. Christopher said, I found Rosa very charming, caring and empathetic. There are many similarities between us. We used to go everywhere together. Used to talk a lot. She is very sweet and sometimes when I get angry she calms me down. Rosa further said, from the beginning I found it very easy to talk to Christopher. He is a good listener, very attentive and very sensitive to whatever topic we talk about. Which I think are wonderful qualities to be found in a man!

Married 18 months after first meeting
The couple married in late July, 18 months after first meeting over a coffee morning. On this occasion, the family members of both were present to celebrate. Later both went on honeymoon as well. Christopher laughingly told, my proposal was also amazing. Because if I got down on one knee, I would never be able to get up. But I had to do this. Understand that I was mumbling a bit. But luckily Roja laughed and said “yes”, so we fixed a wedding date. It was very emotional for both of us. Our children and grandchildren were there and we also broadcast the ceremony live to our family in New Zealand who live there. It was a wonderful day and everything happened as we had hoped.

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