India’s ‘first woman’ who was hanged by the British, know why she killed the collector

Many people gave martyrdom in the freedom struggle. Women also participated in these in a big way. Many women set an example of bravery. One such story is of Bulbul.

Bulbul was born in Lucknow

Born in 1850 in the old Siya locality of Lucknow, Bulbul came to live in Panipat with her mother and younger sister Gurayya after her father’s death. Bulbul’s father was a freedom fighter. Who was murdered by the British. Bulbul suffered the crimes of the British since childhood. Due to poverty and to extinguish the fire in her stomach, Bulbul’s mother was forced to become a prostitute. After which he started running a brothel in the market of Panipat. After this, Nightingale also started going to the brothel. After which people started reaching from far and wide to see Bulbul.

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The British were banned from coming to the brothel

At the same time, historian Ramesh Chandra Puhal says that due to the death of the father and the crime of the British, Bulbul hated the British a lot. That’s why there was a ban on the coming of the British to the brothel. Despite the ban, in the year 1888, the British Collector of District Karnal went to Bulbul’s brothel. When Bulbul, who hated the British, wanted to know the identity of the collector, he replied that I am Karnal District Collector Peter Smith John and the collector said that I want you.

She was hanged at Sanjay Chowk

On this, Bulbul understood the intention of the Englishman and along with the girls present at her brothel attacked the collector with sticks. Due to which he died. After which Bulbul was arrested. After which the English session judge William sentenced him to death on Sunday, March 10, 1889. The English government hanged Bulbul on June 8, 1889 at Sanjay Chowk in Panipat where Hyderabadi Hospital is today. It is also claimed that Bulbul was the first woman in India to be hanged.

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