How to Be Happy at Will

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This article is based on my own experience and information from the book “Man’s Eternal Quest.”

You might have come across this quote, “happiness is a choice”, and some sadhguru videos where he says ‘being sad is a mental muddle that one creates with use of the wrong intelligence of a sharp knife’ and so on.. but do you know how to come that happy mindset?

This article is about helping you understand how to be happy.

Happiness comes from satisfaction …if there is worry of not getting something, remembering unarchived things, or thinking about past memories, you lose happiness.

Now.. Imagine.. Let’s say you forget all past, and you got everything that you expected, and you are at the best stage of life…. so what will be your state? will you sleep happily? will you enjoy life?  or will you be longing for something more?

Yes, you will have your answer, if you answer it ‘yes, I will be happy’, then it says you are attached to material things too much.. it is not wrong.. but again, two questions arise.. one is .. for how long, and another is, what are your efforts towards that life standard that make you happy.

Forget it.. yes.. no one ever was happy by having all the material success.. even the riches and wisest go to the different temples, churches, and yoga centres with their own levels of sorrow..

Now.. the action .. you can adopt this method if you already know that your mindset is more sad than happy ..and its important for you to understand it.

So the, chemicals like dopamine and seritonin are the cause to happiness, now the basic step is to purposely increase it and consciously understand whether you are happy or not.  Eating chocolates, having your favourite food and spending time with pets and having a funny conversation with friends will help increase it .. watching some reels or ticktock might increase dopamine but I don’t recommend it as it also has negative content that might harm you thoughts which is out of scope for this article…

Now you observe yourself.. all other thoughts about sadness were absent while you were performing the above activities.. so it’s not your current situation that makes you sad .. its all your thought and desires .. you were able to control it for a while!!! Try again and observe yourself until you have a clear decision that its your thought and move to the next step as below…

Now you have realised its thoughts and desires and control of concentration(mind) on present action that helped you forget sadness.. You must understand the fact… nothing is more permanent than the present… yes.. all your desires might come true one day … all your past will fade away in future …but today it’s just a thought!

Now let’s fix the negative mindset from the root… negative thoughts are like gangrene.. it damages only you … some practical suggestions to reduce it would be  …

  1. Stop being envious or hating another person… yes.. your blood will become more acidic, which creates all the health issues…when you envy and criticise some community or person…  irrespective of any political or personal agenda.. its you poisoning your own mind..!
  2. Unfollow meme pages.. yes.. you might think you are watching funny videos or pranks.. but indirectly … in many MEME or such … there will be referrence as “others: … be like.. I am : …. “ as an example below… this triggers your mind to create the wrong perception about yourself even if you are not really so..

Are these together represent your life?

What are you feeding yourself subconsciously???

Are you like as in these memes??

ask yourself… yes.. there will be some happy moments and some bad .., but what do you remind yourself by all of these!??understand the effects and unfollow such negative meme pages or stop scrolling for a week and see changes in yourself… yes there are some good or funny contents that you can consume if you don’t relate with them.

3. If you are aware enough.. you can even identify some people around who always speak negatively.. thinks negatively.. consume negatively and come to the wrong to mindset without thinking practically … Avoid Them!!!.. for this as well to help you understand … another example: there will be a group of friends… all one sudden one guy will comment negatively about you out of nowhere.. ignore them.. start concentrating on something else to avoid the thoughts about their comments.. don’t be angry again and damage your own body and mind

Avoid all these and start thinking only how to be happy… everything has limit… the fact is.. many people envy about Elon musk’s richness and think I want to be richer than him .. but all those who think and don’t achieve… the only one who works hard with a plan will achieve at least something.. goals are good.. but know the limits..

Finally, as I always suggest … know yourself .. meditate.. and be positive and help others..

I hope this helped you at least identify something about life… and help change something positively!! The inspiration to write this was I was personally following some pages that were promoting masculinity and anti-feminist posts and I unknowingly liked it and which increased more content like the same … then I started sharing it… one day i realised… is it necessary? … what am I doing ? and then changed myself immediately and thought different dimension of similar impacts and shared this article..

Being happy is just the beginning of a positive change in life… maintaining a still and focused mind in any situation of life is the next level of challenge.. will help you understand this aspect in the coming days..!