How Being Happy Thoughtfully can Create “Happy Reality”

Hello Readers, Its been a while writing some life hack articles..

Here is one best life hack that I learnt and wish to share it with you all

So as you read the title its about happiness, to come to a state where you purposely and thoughtfully be happy which then will convert to your strength in many ways and also make your surroundings happy and joy around you..

Jumping into the concept..

  1. HUMOR: Understand the joke that you can crack around people without hurting them; in fact try to praise their best quality or what they can be capable of..  here you need to take out your ego.. and be that ideal good person where everyone is happy and like to be with …. now just by the above state you are cleansing yourself … think.. the state of mind will be non-egoistic. Your mind starts thinking how to make your surroundings happy and also this will impact to your health as well your organs will be in a calmer state and will also heal itself by the bliss of mind… .. now imagine you being in this state of happiness just for a second while reading…and watch your own positive vibe..
  2. ANGER: Imagine rope being pulled on both sides… and you as a person holding it like the image below..

Now relate this to your conscious mind.. and Anger is exactly this to your mind… two emotions are exactly being generated with the same force and dominated either as being quiet and doing nothing (patient willfully or forcefully due to inabilities) OR Speaking out loud about the cause of anger / a frustrated state of mind…

This is a very dangerous state of mind where your mind will be confused between states for every millisecond and this is why anger is said to cause many other diseases in time...

If you understand this reality of how the mind works… it will be easy and practical, and you.. as your inner self, can control your emotions with willpower and be calmer in any situation without hurting the conscious mind.. or people around.. is it this a Happier state than being a human who has no control over emotions.

3. Mental BOLDNESS: Another hack, this must not be understood as EGO. Mental boldness is wishful thinking and acting with a conscious mind that “I am powerful, and being the best version of myself. Speak to people with this boldness and with this maturity of being CEO of your life.. ” but make sure you are kind and speak positively…

This creates the vibe.. the effect may be dependent of the other person’s maturity… if another person is not mature enough to understand your words or if you are a poor communicator, then this idea might fail… but again, this mentality creates positive and happy energy..

4.  Wish Good for Others: It is initially difficult to implement.. But I would say..: fake it until you feel it!, Yes, sometimes you might have to come across the nastiest person ever.. with a very bad and negative vibe or wishes for you… annoy you every time…  never smile or be sarcastic around you. Its really difficult to wish good for them in the beginning… but think: God created this reality… he created all of us … many people have made it happy and try to be good people… but there are people who didn’t use this gods opportunity to be good or happy purposely or due to life decisions or issues.

For and In both case.. Spiritually or Materialistically it’s they who are losing… even if they annoy you .. they are losing their life age by being Negative or bad… Why not wish them / ask good to help them to be better in life .. is it this emotion that is created inside you that brings some kind of positive peace … from within which is like .. a high energy positive energy being pumped within you … which creates or brings happiness and positivity eventually .. once you start feeling this for everyone .. This is also known as BLISS once this kind of emotion start working for everyone and everything in this world..

5. Cleanse Yourself: There will be many types of accumulated negativity either by wrong company or by wrongdoings… it is easy to start at this point than all the above 4 things…  if you know you have did bad for people … explain why you did it to them and ask sorry from your heart.. and forget it ..  help people around you financially…yes money has the highest value in this materialistic world … when you start giving money to help people and see their hapyness you really fell something good and positive that is greater than the money itself… try this in your own limits… a beggar don’t expect 100 bucks … if you earn 20 give atlest 1… eventually you will know that you were accumulating both a positive action and giving and gaining happiness.. this cleanses your negative karma as well as negative mind… which brings you to an equilibrium of life ..!

Try the above 5 things; why not put some effort into being happy!?

One last thing: Be Real.. to yourself and the people around you… Be Kind.. Be Helpfull.. Be a person who people like to be around..

For International Readers: The person in the images is Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar, who shared happiness and left the earth happily! A Godly Human – My inspiration since childhood and for those who didn’t know .. the word RAJ in my name is brought to remember him for my lifetime!

If you achieve all these, then there is another dimension in life which you can explore, which then brings Holy Bliss.. God manifests ..what you think…. which I will write as another article in the coming days…. till then, be good, do good be Happy!


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