China School: ‘Don’t wear provocative clothes if you want to avoid sexual harassment’, social media users got angry when the school advised girls



China News: A school in China has advised girls not to joke too much and wear modest clothes to avoid sexual harassment, which remains a topic of discussion. This order of the school is also being criticized a lot on social media.

Actually, this whole matter is related to a middle school in Southern China. Where a chapter of Mental Health Education has been included in the school syllabus. In which it has been said for girls that they should not wear transparent or short clothes. Also, they should avoid flirtatious behavior. Along with this, it has been warned that girls who do not follow these things may face sexual exploitation.

Controversy over syllabus 

According to the report of CNN, the Chinese school which has become the subject of discussion is in Zhaoqing city of Guangdong province. According to the report, last year the school introduced mental health education in the syllabus, giving strange advice to the girls. As per reports, the controversy has escalated after the study material of the syllabus went viral on social media.

Simple Dressing Tips

In the advice given to girls, it has been said that they should wear simple dresses. Apart from this, they should avoid flirting with anyone. Social media users are raising questions on this syllabus of the school. Also seeing it as a restriction on girls.

Many people are blaming conservative thinking for this. At present, no statement has come from the school administration amid fierce criticism on social media. However, this chapter has been removed from the website. Along with this, some teachers posted in the school have called it a misunderstanding of the people.

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