An Achievable Resolution for 2023, My Own Experience of 2022.


Hello readers… This is not a simple online blog feeding you another confusion, but rather explaining personal experience and sharing the solution as an attempt to bring real clarity on life!

So new year with new enthusiasm, Why resolution? What is the resolution? What is the purpose? How to achieve it?

All these points might come, But the resolution is achieved by understanding the following irrespective of the resolution you wish! 

The basic thing before a resolution is to understand yourself! , yes I know this sounds broad and sounds like a regular philosophical way of conveying. But I am sure before knowing yourself, You will not be able to achieve anything and just follow the routine .. wake up, do the daily work, eat and sleep will continue throughout …not just new year ..throughout life!

Let’s make it easy! I learnt it from a famous businessman and amazing self-realised human being from Mangalore – Mr.Rohan Monteiro. I had a chance to work with him closely with one-to-one daily interactions that helped me upgrade my whole viewpoint about life!

All he said everytime was to question everything , question yourself, know yourself by questioning! – yes.. the reality had hit…!

without beating around… the direct answer is to question yourself the following

  • Imagine and Observe around in the third person perspective and view yourself! 
  • View your own activity as a film character and question yourself now – Do I like this character/ personality? how is it maintaining you attention? What is that brings life ? what is making progress every moment?
  • What is that makes me happy?
    • Ans would be : Eating, money, travelling ..etc anything small or silly doesn’t matter..
  • How can I achieve that which is missing or that you want to see in yourself?
    • If you feel difficult to answer, you need better experience in life, so you need to gain some wisdom and come back to this point – directly saying you are not mature enough!
    • Ans: It is not money , career or any external factors… its your mindset .. that makes you feel better everyday… Do improvements in yourself as a human first..Like : Even if you are an Atheist or Agnostic doesn’t matter.. every day at any time , anywhere, irrespective of location, direction or posture.. close eyes and answer your own mental muddle.. and solve it day by day and you see yourself more happy day by day and for sure you will see the confidence raise!

Finally..BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE DECISIONS ABOUT LIFE!..people who comment, see you down, and mock your decision… will not come to feed you! or help you .. YOU ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

From all the above answers, you will be better for sure..

Now another simple way.. After all your work, at the end of the day before you sleep ask: HOW and WHAT have changed and moved you towards the resolution from yesterday.. Remember your KARMA of the day? What all good and bad did you whole day?

The answer would be simple everyday experience itself like .. you might have helped someone, you might have jumped traffic to reach the office on time. Anything simple… give attention to details. .. one day… you will find the patterns and try focusing on achieving it! 


Hmm.. yes.. I know some of you will be in a tough situation that is pulling you back and you are struggling from long.. for example: the influence of bad politics in office and you are unable to change career.. or bad graders that ruined your career…or wrong actions that stopped growth ….or even remembering the of loved ones who dismissed unexpected.. .. For all these  it is important to bring you life energy to and emotions to a stable point first ..for this you need to move to totally new environment … be alone for at least 6 months without any type of interaction with family, friends, social media .. just sit, do your routine job and keep asking all the above questions I mentioned and one day you will get answers to all your problem.. Being alone will help for sure!

Also ..I would say .. from my personal experience.. I have faced very tough situations, toxic environments, my own immature actions .. etc… But the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” helped to overcome many challenges.. and it is helping me even today!..

Finally, be self-aware connect with cosmos, feel young and active at any age and be energetic mentally, at least!