WP_KeepSoul Ver.1.0 Anti-Malware WordPress Plugin


The article introduces WP-KeepSoul, a new WordPress plugin that can quickly detect and remove malware from websites while minimizing the restoration of legitimate files. The plugin includes email notifications, logging, and scan options.

This article is about my new work, A simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin.

How about a plugin that is capable of mitigating malware from the website and restoring it to a normal clean state in just less than 30 seconds!

Yes, I am speaking about WP-KeepSoul.

WP = WordPress
Keep = Retain or Protect
Soul = Core Files

The naming says the core functionality of the plugin, have a look below and follow the leading link to get all the information about this fantastic plugin.

Full Details: Author Website

Note: This is part of my intellectual property, and all rights are reserved!. Also note there may be some cases where you need to take extra care while using; please read the plugin admin page for usage!

Plugin Functions

  1. Detect malicious code in WordPress core files
  2. Detect and Remove unwanted files/arbitrarily uploaded files(malicious & unwanted)
  3. Restore only infected files instead of restoring all legitimate files as part of website recovery.
  4. Log actions are taken and sent via email to the website administrator for analysis.
  5. Keep a quarantined copy of infected files and email a zipped copy to the administrator with logs.

Some relevant screenshots

Plugin Division

  1. Full Scan: Scans all files except WP-CONTENT directory.
  2. Quick Scan: Only scans index.php, wp-links-opml.php,wp-trackback.php, xmlrpc.php, wp-settings.php, wp-mail.php, wp-cron.php for malicious code.
  3. Email: wp-mail() PHP mailing(outdated) but added functionality
  4. Logging: to log all the actions
  5. Rules: rules.php file to add keywords for a quick scan