Woman slipped and fell in a restaurant, broke her heel and demanded Rs 42 lakh as compensation! Case reached the court


Many times it would happen that you slip and fall while walking. Sometimes it happens because of footwear, sometimes because of the smoothness of the floor, or even if there is some grease on the ground, a person slips and falls. Although this is a normal thing, but it becomes difficult when a big ruckus happens due to this small thing. Something similar happened with an American woman.

An accident happened with Alice Cohen, a resident of New Hampshire, when she went to Eataly, a famous restaurant chain with her husband. Here she slipped and fell and fractured a bone in her heel. Although most people ignore such things, but Alice has made a big allegation against the restaurant in this whole matter and has demanded their compensation.

The foot slipped on the restaurant’s dish
According to the Daily Mail report, 7-year-old Alice and her husband Ronald Cohen had gone to a branch of Eataly restaurant in Boston. Here Alice’s foot fell on a piece of ham and she fell down. His heel bone was broken in the accident and the husband and wife decided to file a case against the restaurant. It has been said in her petition that due to this accident her body got hurt, she is not able to enjoy her life and she also had to bear the burden of unnecessary treatment. It has been said on behalf of her husband that he is not able to live his married life properly, in such a situation, he needs a total compensation of 42 lakhs from the restaurant including all these things.

What does the law say?
The couple has filed their case in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA. The incident is of October 7, 2022 and the couple has filed this case on August 11. D Michelle Noonan, a lawyer knowledgeable in American law, says that it is the responsibility of the restaurant to keep the floor safe from any dangerous material. According to a law firm, family members can file a case for the deterioration of the relationship in Massachusetts. However, nothing has been said from the restaurant side in this matter.