Virat Kohli Bowled but 3 runs given! Did India win by cheating in today’s game against Pakistan?

Virat Kohli against Pakistan

The most buzzing topic of the hour is the sensationalization of the ‘No Ball,’ and 3 runs being given on a Free hit despite Virat Kohli being bowled on that delivery.

People have divided opinions on this topic, and world cricket is unstoppably posting stuff with or without fact check. We see that the no-ball call was controversial, but Umpire’s decision is the last thing that stands. But was it illegal to get 3 runs after getting bowled? Here are some facts which you must know;

It was a belter of a fight between the neighboring countries where things got heated up in the 20th over. It was 4th delivery of the 19th Over, which was a free hit, and Kohli got bowled on that. But the ball went to the third man, and the batsman crossed for 3 runs. Pakistan team surrounded the Umpire questioning the decision and asking for a No Ball.

Here’s a summary of events;

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Soon after the incident and the game finished in India’s favor, a few cricket pundits started questioning the decision, which also triggered emotions in Pakistani Fans. Here are a few tweets from the Cricket Experts;

Australian Spinner Brad Hogg said, “Why was no ball not reviewed, then how can it not be a dead ball when Kohli was bowled on a free hit. #INDvPAK #T20worldcup22” Here’s the Tweet

“The umpires made some weird decision in favor of India today but maybe we should keep quiet and not upset ICC and BCCI.” said Nasser Hussain, former English Team Captain.

Twitter has been trending with buzzwords like #cheating #no ball over this controversy. But what do the laws say?

Let’s Look at the Laws:

Entire Pakistan team surrounded the umpire asking for a dead ball after it hit the stumps. But in fact the ball was not a dead ball. According to the ICC Laws of Cricket, the ball can be called as dead when “it is finally settled in the hands of the wicketkeeper or of the bowler”, or when “a boundary is scored.”

21.19.2 For any free hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a No ball, even if the delivery for the free hit is called Wide.

In free hit, a batter can get out only in 4 ways, i.e., Handling the ball, Hitting the ball twice, Obstructing the field, and Run out. But was it the case here? Surely not! Refer to the below rule book from ICC to learn more about the Dead Ball and Free Hit! Refer 20.1.1 onwards

ICC Rule Book

Things happening on the Ground were as per laws, and we all know the Laws of Cricket have helped one nation to lift the Cricket World Cup, whereas the same set of laws left a deserving side in tears too. Today things went India’s way as it was a controversial ‘No Ball’ call, but we cannot deny that Kohli and Pandya played their hearts out with the Bat. They snatched this victory from the jaws of defeat.

An unbeaten 82 of 52 balls from Kohli took India to an emphatic 4-wicket win over Pakistan. India will face the Netherlands in their next T20 world cup game.

We, as fans and nation, respect our contrary nation’s fanbase, but we cannot accept India being called a cheater just because this is how the Rules are framed—wishing you all a very Happy Diwali!

Well Played team India, Well Played Virat Kohli.

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