Real Life Mowgli Of Spain Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja Disappointed With Human Life | Real Life Mowgli: The real ‘Mowgli’ of the world got upset with humans, said


Mowgli of Spain: Everyone must have seen Mowgli cartoon in childhood, but do you know, there is a person who was Mowgli in real life. In fact, a man in Spain lived among wolves in caves for 12 years. He became famous among the people as ‘Mowgli of Spain’. However, this person who used to live among wolves says that now he is very disappointed with his human life.

According to the Daily Mirror’s report, when the authorities found Mowgli in Spain, he was brought into public life. But now he says that he is not happy with his life. He is troubled by the behavior of people. He wishes that he gets a chance to live with animals once again. He said that he just wants to run away from here and go to the mountains and forests.

Who is the Mowgli of Spain?

The real name of Mowgli of Spain is Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja. When he was 19 years old, it was learned that a boy was living in the Sierra Morena Mountains of Spain. He lived with the wolves in the forests for 12 years. When officers arrived to look for him, they found Rodriguez walking barefoot. He didn’t even know how to talk to people. Rodriguez was trying to communicate by growling.

However, now Rodriguez is 72 years old and he is living his life in a small house. His last happiest moment was among the animals. Rodriguez must have been three years old when his mother died. His father started living with another woman. Then Rodriguez’s father handed him over to a shepherd. When Rodríguez was seven years old, the shepherd died and he started living alone.

Rodriguez was now alone in the woods. In such a situation, only animals were left to support them. His story is just like Jungle Book. The wolf cubs accepted Rodriguez as a brother. A she-wolf used to keep them with her children in caves. That wolf even taught Rodriguez how to survive. Which fruits are to be eaten and which are to be avoided.

Why is Rodriguez upset?

Spain’s Mowgli says that ever since he was found and brought to the human world, his life has changed since then. He says that people have not only cheated him, but have also taken advantage of him. He says that it is very difficult to mingle with other people. Rodriguez told that people make fun of him because of lack of understanding of football and politics.

Rodríguez says that he again wanted to go to the mountains and forests, but now the wolves do not recognize him. He told that he can make sounds of many animals including deer, fox and eagles. He says that even though he has now got used to eating with fork and spoon, the biggest problem is with people who do not understand him. That’s why he is very disappointed with his life.

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