Professional Lady: LinkedIn Scam.

Hey readers, this time, I am here exposing one of the scam that I came across recently in LinkedIn.

Short Summary of Incident:

A lady connected to me via LinkedIn a few days back named Puja Sinna: View Puja Sinha’s profile; she started asking if I was interested in any certification and then went to the extent of scamming 1000$ where she convinced me that CEH Certification will be written by experts behalf of me and will pass me, follow the full blog to check how I busted this LinkedIn scammer.
The image below shows her profile; I have marked some interesting points below.

The reason for accepting the connection was she had some mutual connections with me and thought she might be a potential employer or professional peer like others.

But from the above image, you can see the scammer doesn’t even have the common sense to remove the LOGO keyword; this might be just been scrapped from the internet where the whole name is attached with alt text of the logo.

The real picture starts here. After 2 days of connection, I get a message as below:

My first thought was: how in the world one can manage all these training? also, Why should I pay for her to get such a professional certification; by thinking this, I immediately replied not interested and didn’t respond further.

But then a thought came, 100% passing assurance!! ah this seems very convincing for beginners who are looking to get certified and lazy to study and do the hard work!

Next day the conversation went as follows, just read if interested… my viewpoint for this blog is the way I busted her and connected to the associated company in her profile and double-confirmed this scam.

Busting Begins:-

I have already shown how the company name was not even mentioned properly, here are some other interesting things..and her profile info which was fishy to me.

Yes there were OSINT Cyber tools ready to investigate, but I was convinced that she was a scammer and didn’t want to waste time.. So I directly contacted the company via call and also emailed them with profile information, then below you can see the reply from SRDV Technologies.

I really thank and appreciate SRDV Technologies for verifying this, many people don’t even bother about their brand name.

So the takeaway

See we know that these kinds of scams are everyday things, but it’s really hard for beginners and students in Linkeidn to find these scammers and lose money; They have professional profiles and good professional-looking profile pictures, our intention from PR Tech News is just to educate people and help people not to fall for these scams. only hard work and Hard things have value, Quality knowledge comes with hard work.
So stay away from these, even if they provide you with certificates!


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