MH370 : The Malaysian Airlines Flight Which Disappeared 9 Years Ago!

How does an aircraft just vanish? Netflix’s new docuseries “MH370: The aircraft that Disappeared,” now streaming, investigates the nevertheless-unsolved aviation thriller.

Wednesday’s premier of the 3-episode series marks 9 years to the day that contact changed into lost with crimson-eye Malaysia airlines Flight 370. The aircraft carried 239 passengers and group members. It is set to arrive in Beijing in the morning of March 8, 2014, after departing from Kuala Lumpur.

“MH370” functions heartbreaking interviews with the sufferers’ surviving family participants, in addition to reporters and civilians captivated by using the saga. No matter the theories supplied, but, visitors may additionally find they’re left with greater questions than answers.

When did MH370 go missing?

A timeline of March 8, 2014

  • 12:41 a.m. local (UTC + eight:00) – MH370 departs Kuala Lumpur global Airport for Beijing. The Boeing 777200ER aircraft consists of a total of 239 people: 227 passengers and 12 group participants.
  • 1:07 a.m. – The plane’s facts reporting machine shuts down. The plane remains on course.
  • 1:21 a.m. – The transponder that transmits region and altitude shuts down. U.S. investigators can’t determine if a human closed down the transmissions or if it became an “act of piracy,” which means a takeover.
  • 2:40 a.m. – Subang Air visitors manipulate reports that it lost touch with flight MH370 about 2½ hours after takeoff. The final sign on radar from the aircraft became acquired because it transferred into Vietnamese airspace above Cau Mau province.
  • 6:30 a.m. – MH370 missed its intended arrival time at Beijing Capital International Airport.
  • 11 a.m. – Family individuals of MH370 passengers gather at the airport because the authorities update them on the aircraft’s status.

What’s the story behind the vanished flight?

Three theories are provided within the docuseries, one in every episode. Journalist Jeff sensible indicates it’s possible a Russian passenger sneaked into the electronics bay and took control of the plane. Journalist Florence de Changy wonders if MH370 would possibly have been approached by way of a U.S. surveillance plane due to a large quantity of electronics on board. Both acknowledge these are a long way-fetched, and the theories are written off by using aviation expert Mike Exner.

Every other discounted principle is the possibility that the captain of the flight, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, hijacked the plane. Smart affords a timeline of intended events in “MH370” that even he doubts. He indicates that after ending touch with air traffic controllers in Kuala Lumpur, however before establishing touch with Vietnam, Shah thinks of a purpose to get his co-pilot out of the cockpit and then locks the door. Shah then disables the electronics that make the plane visible on radar.

Next, Shah turns the aircraft, smartly says, and starts off evolving to depressurize the cabin. A special pilot’s mask lets him live in control.

“He turns the plane to the south and he flies directly into the darkness, expecting his gas to run out,” says smart. “After six hours of flight, the engines stop strolling, he pushes the nose down, and he starts to slip into a dive.”

When did the search become suspended?

The search for Flight MH370 and its wreckage concluded in January 2017. A safety investigation record released on July 30, 2018 provided few solutions, even though it did dispute suspicions of Shah.

“The plane was airworthy when dispatched for the flight,” the file stated, adding “there is no evidence to suggest any current behavioral adjustments for” Shah, and “the opportunity of an intervention through a third birthday party” couldn’t be ruled out.

“In conclusion,” the record stated, “the group is not able to decide the actual purpose for the disappearance of MH370.”

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