Indoor Gardening: The Ultimate Guide to Cultivating a Green Lifestyle at Home Using Gardening Tools


Indoor gardening can improve your interior and your lifestyle. How about improving your mood without much effort, no yoga, no meditation, no pills, no stress, just fresh life when you wake up! Good oxygen in your home and a cool temperature. This article will shed light on all these. The modern gardening tools are the new normal to achieve this. People these days have started terrace gardening including kitchen gardening too in order to kick start this journey of freshness.

Hello Readers. This article is about a healthy lifestyle from my experience. even you can experience it. just buy a few pots and grow any plant in it and experience an improved lifestyle.

Why indoor gardening?

The simple answer would be a Lively interior and positive life.
Just imagine you come from the office stressed out. Having your tea and spending time with lively, beautiful plants around you. That feeling of destressing and a positive thought to embrace little leaves and watering it. Voila, just feel of goodness!

Indoor gardening can have many positive effects on mood and family life. 

Reducing stress and anxiety
Improving air quality
Creating a sense of accomplishment
Encouraging family bonding

You can do this at home

I can assure you that it requires very little effort.
Check out the simple point-wise steps below.

  • Lighting: A plant which receives a little light from the window is also enough. Check some plants below, choose any and buy from amazon below links.
  • Watering: Generally, you should water your plants when the soil is dry to the touch, but avoid overwatering. Gardening pipes are available to make your work easy. Check out some products below which can help to water
  • Temperature and humidity: No need to worry much about this factor unless you live in the desert.
  • Soil and fertilization: Coco peat will be the best choice. Mix it with little sand and put it in a pot. Some best quality coco peat are listed below. You can buy from here as they are good and recommended after personal usage.
  • Nutrients: See it’s all about what type of plant and its speed of growth. NPK liquid can help any plant.. just two drops mixed with 30ml of water is enough.. can buy the following one.. which is really enough..

Have you ever felt this?

You walk into some farm or a plant nursery, and you feel refreshed.. that feel of smooth air, humid and clean environment,, more than everything, that happy feeling you get!


Some Ideas for Indoor Gardening/Terrace Gardening



Overall Efforts you Put

As for daily efforts, the amount of time you need to spend on indoor gardening will depend on the number and type of plants you have, as well as their specific needs. Here are some common daily tasks:

  • Check soil moisture levels and water plants as needed
  • Check plants for pests and signs of disease
  • Prune and trim plants to promote growth and prevent overcrowding
  • Rotate plants to ensure even exposure to light
  • Dust leaves to keep them clean and free of debris

Some modern and cosy interior gardening equipment and plants are listed… check and buy from here ..