Indo China War and the Ongoing Indo-China Border Tension

Indo china war
Indo china war

Indo-China Border Tensions

India and China, two of the most influential countries of Asia, have a vibrant history dating back to the bygone age. These two countries have maintained a peaceful relationship from trade to religious influence for centuries.

However, with the rise of authoritarianism in China and Indo china war, the Indo-China relationship started to damage. In 2020, the situation took another turn when the border dispute between the two major world powers began.

Indo china war

What is the main reason behind the tension, and can this lead to the next Indo china war?

The main reason behind the dispute is the ill-defined border, which reaches up to a length of 2,100 miles/ 3,440 kilometers.

The disputed border is located in the Himalayan region. The hilly area filled with snow-capped mountains, streams, and rivers led to the soldiers encountering each other, provoking conflict.

Indo china war

Another element creating an issue is the throat-cut competition in creating infrastructure along the border.

India’s road to a high-altitude air base construction.

The high-profile opening of the highway was also India’s way of moving with the strategy and constructing infrastructures for Chinese invaders.

The BRI project initiated by China also plays a role in the conflict.

India is also strictly against the BRI initiative and considers it an initiative of dominance by China.

The BRI, by experts, is considered a strategy through which China creates an unsustainable debt for its Indian ocean neighbors to seize control of regional choke points. The Pak-China relations also create an unsettling feeling amongst Indian diplomats.

The countries have also spoken about the human rights violations happening in the countries.

Radicalization is a growing concern for both China and India to fight it. In 2019, Indo-China relations pledged to work together against radicalization in an informal meeting.

The meeting was to promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations. However, with the global rise of Uyghur camps. China has faced a lot of criticism. In October 2022, abstained from the voting at the UNHRC on the human rights situation in Xinjiang, which China defended by saying it was aimed at conquering “terrorism and separatism.”

A day later, India also released a statement for the first time calling for respecting and guaranteeing the rights of the autonomous region’s people. The comments came after the ongoing border issues between the two countries.

Do military combats indicate Indo china war?

The tension and inclusion of the military in the dispute from both countries have been incited. But only in December 2022 did the army combat for the first time after almost a year. The crash occurred near the Tawang sector of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. No casualty happened at the scene. However, some soldiers suffered minor wounds.

Indo china war

The only fatal combat between the troops after 1975 happened in June 2020. The soldiers attacked each other with sticks and clubs at the Galway Valley battle. However, they did not use guns in combat. The aftermath of the combat was the death of twenty Indian soldiers and four Chinese soldiers.

In January 2021, another fatal face-off happened near a place located between the Indian state of Sikkim and between Bhutan and Nepal.

In September 2021, India was accused of using guns against Chinese troops. Nonetheless, no evidence is found to back it up if the involvement of bullets is true. It would be the first time bullets were used at the border in forty-five years. The 1996 agreement forbids the use of guns and explosives anywhere near the border.

What will happen if the Indo-china war starts?

Both India and China fought only one war, Indo china war in 1962. During this, India suffered a significant loss.

But things have changed as both countries have well-established nuclear powers in case of intensification. Both countries would suffer a massive loss. The economy will also suffer, as China is India’s largest trading power.

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