Numerous Heart Attacks Among Youths, Is Vaccination To Be Blamed?

heart attacks

Massive Surge in number of Heart attacks in youngsters

Cardiovascular diseases have become a concerning health issue around the world, especially after a recent increase in cases of cardiovascular issues in youngsters.

What and how does heart attacks occur?

Myocardial Infarction, also known as heart attack, happens when arteries get blocked due to a blood clot leading to blockage of blood flow to the heart.

heart attacks
Heart model

The blood flow usually gets blocked due to plaque, which occurs due to the fatty deposition forming in the heart. This also includes cholesterol. This deposit leads to the shrinkage of arteries, causing a heart attack.


Heart attacks at young age

Heart attack issues have been an issue for so long. However, recently, the disease patterns have shifted from the older generation to youngsters.

Recent diagnosis in youngsters has created havoc in the world. This has alarmed many people with concern and started questioning the science behind it.

The key reason behind heart attacks in the youngsters

Dr. Vanita Arora, Senior Consultant and Interventional Cardiologist at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi says the main key reason for young heart attacks

Gym heart attack, key reasons behind it:

  • People have started gym without getting a pre-cardiac checkup.
  • Doing weight training during gym leads to an increase in the thickness of the heart.
heart attacks
heavy training
  • Treadmill workouts.
  • Cross training.
  • Some young people at the gym even take supplements, which are dangerous and cause damage to the heart, which finally leads to arrhythmia.

Lifestyle problems

According to Dr. Pillai, in a person’s twenties, the heart slowly starts to develop insignificant blockages due to many reasons, such as :

heart attacks
Regular health checkups are a must
  • Increase in cholesterol.
  • Genetic factors.
  • When a person has to face a severely stressful situation.
  • Going through a severe physical exertion without preparing for it.
  • Biological factors such as infection.
  • Fat consumption.
  • Lipids increment in the body.
  • Smoking and drinking.

Such exertions can cause the heart to form clots near an already present blockage, leading to more clots forming. In severe cases, it can also cause a heart attack.

Role of Covid-19 vaccine in heart attacks

Due to the pandemic around 5.20 lakh, people died in the country due to complications of the deadly Covid-19. However, boosters have been introduced into the country to help decrease the spread of this deadly virus.

heart attacks
Covid vaccines

But with these vaccines, many other complications also rise. Social media has been blasting with the Covid-19 Vaccine leading to cardiovascular issues such as heart inflammation or even heart attack.

There can be many side effects due to booster shots. Including soreness or headache. But there has been no valid research that supports the theory of cardiovascular issues due to Covid vaccine.

How did the Covid-19 vaccine become a concern for heart attacks?

The initiation of this concern started with an abstract posted in the journal Circulation. The journal is published by the American Heart Association.

The abstract contained a summary of the research regarding preliminary. Which is yet to be reviewed by scientists or backed by any research.

Is the Covid-19 vaccine safe for people with heart conditions?

The vaccine is not only safe but is also considered crucial for people with any sort of heart condition. The vaccine helps prevent the virus in such individuals, as their conditions can worsen their situation

To ensure the safety of people, clinical trials of vaccines have been done. The trial Included both healthy and people with heart conditions. But the news circulations and sudden cases surge is making all of us to raise concerns over this.

Those who lost their dear ones would never believe on any claims of trials and reports by any authority, but being unbiased on the facts we have a report from Indian Govt below.

Here is what Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Immunization Division explained in their Report.

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What can be done to prevent heart attacks?

Dr. Arora says, “Prevention is better than cure”.

  • To prevent cardiovascular diseases, cardiac checkups are necessary.
  • If a person’s family has a chronology of cardiovascular diseases, a visit to a cardiologist or more concerning issues to a cardiac electrophysiologist is a must.
  • Changing your eating habits. Control your fat and lipids in the body.
  • Quitting smoking and drinking.

Latest celebrities dying of heart attack

This year more than a dozen famous young celebrities died due to attacks, causing shock and panic worldwide. Some of the cases from India include:

  • KK: Famous singer of Bollywood, Krishnakuma Kunnat, dies due to a heart attack in Kolkata on May 31 while he was performing for the audience seconds ago.
  • Puneeth Rajkumar: Puneeth Rajkumar, a famous and most loved actor from Kannada Industry, died from a heart attack on October 29. The actor suffered a heart seizure while working out in the gym.

heart attacks

  • Sidharth Shukla: The reality TV show “Big Boss” winner suffered a heart attack on September 2, 2021. The actor died at the hospital and had no history of cardiovascular disease. However, the actor had a habit of smoking claims reports.
  • Raju Srivastav: Famous Comedian Raju Srivastav who used to be a top notch entertainer died recently of heart attack, reports claimed he was on his treadmill during his last moments.

All of these people were of pretty young age and this certainly wasn’t an age to pass away. It not only created a void in their family and fan’s life but also created a havoc in Social Media that something is definitely wrong.

These were known to the world so the news came out and public witnessed. What about those who aren’t famous but are dying due to this new haphazard situation? There are a lot of questions which are currently unanswered.

We wish you all take care of your health and have your routine check-ups to find any absurd in your health and lifestyle.

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