Government Shows Green Signal for Purchasing 10000 Electric Buses in 169 Cities, to Cost Rs 580 Billion


The Central Government on Wednesday approved a plan to provide 10,000 electric buses in 169 cities of the country. Along with this, charging infrastructure will also be prepared for these buses. It is estimated that about 580 billion rupees will be spent on buying these buses in 10 years.

Out of this expenditure, Rs 200 billion will be arranged through the public-private partnership model. However, it is not known from where the remaining amount will come. The government plans to introduce 50,000 electric buses in the country in the next few years. To meet this target, the State Governments electric buses Needed information is being taken. To make a big change in public transport and to curb air pollution, the government wants to increase the number of electric buses.

Late last year, TML CV Mobility Solutions Ltd, a unit of the country’s largest commercial vehicle company Tata Motors, had tied up with the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to run 1,500 electric buses in the capital. Under this, TML CV Mobility Solutions Limited will be responsible for the supply and maintenance of 1,500 units of 12-metre low-floor AC electric buses for 12 years. Earlier this year, EKA Mobility, a unit of Pinnacle Industries, signed a contract to supply 310 EKA9 electric buses to three states. Tender had achieved These buses will be used for intercity transportation. These electric buses of EKA Mobility will be used in Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana and Kerala for 12 years. This is estimated to reduce about 1.40 lakh tonnes of carbon emissions. 32 passengers can sit in this electric bus. It has features like auto drive, power steering, bacterial filtration system and air conditioning. For safety, it has camera and emergency stop button.

The electric bus is powered by a permanent magnet synchronous motor with an output of 200 KW and a maximum torque of 2,500 Nm. It gives a range of up to 200 kilometers in a single charge. Its top speed is 80 kmph. EKA Mobility has also developed a bus that runs on hydrogen fuel. The company says that its design has been made according to the conditions of the country’s roads.