G20 Presidency: A New Chapter In India’s Diplomacy


The G20 presidency Summit 2022 was held in Bali, Indonesia. PM Narendra Modi met French President Emanuel Macron and discussed strengthening bilateral ties. A series of quick and brief meetings with Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong, German chancellor Olaf Scholz, and Italy PM Georgia Meloni followed. All three conferences held talks on enhancing bilateral cooperation.


G20 presidency

The important highlight of the G20 Summit was the newly elected British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak meeting PM Modi. Soon after the meeting, Sunak confirmed the UK-India Young Professional scheme, which offered 3000 UK Visas for Indians. The announcement was made in a tweet from the British Prime Minister’s office. It encouraged young Indian Professionals for living and working in the UK for up to two years.

Work of the Blast In Poland On G20 Summit

Meanwhile, one suitable incident was one stray missile in Poland. Early Wednesday morning, reports reached Indonesia about an explosion in Poland. Most world leaders at the G20 Summit leaped on the sidelines to discuss the happenleaptnd prepare their statements. However, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov left the Summit a day early. But according to Indonesian media, Russia’s bail was “expected.”

The next day at the Summit ended up being about the blast, and some leaders blamed Russia for the explosion in Poland and condemned Russia’s alleged action in Ukraine. In contrast, some leaders defended Russia and claimed that Moscow was not responsible for the consequences in Poland.

G20 presidency

The United States and its allies at the G20 Summit also blamed Russia and its War in Ukraine for the global cost-living crisis. After the blame game, the summit initiated official engagements and some unofficial ceremonies. The leaders visited the Tahura Mangrove forest and were seen planting saplings. The Indonesian government made this effort to showcase its commitment to climate initiatives.

India Taking charge of the G20 Presidency

The most momentous highlight was when the Indonesian PM, Joko Widodo, passed the gavel of G20 chairmanship to PM Narendra Modi. And from 1st December, India will be taking charge of the G20 presidency. PM Modi, in the meeting, said that to give the delegates a “full experience of India’s incredible diversity, cultural richness, and inclusive customs,” the gatherings will be held across every Indian state.

After taking over the G20 Presidency from the Indonesian chairmanship, PM Modi called it a moment of great pride for Indians. Later that day, he tweeted the agenda would be inclusive, ambitious, decisive, and action-oriented. India will work to realize all aspects of the vision of “One Earth, one Family, and One Future.”

India Representing Global South

Moreover, for the past few months, India has repeatedly been talking about the global south, making India the voice of the developing world. Introducing India’s statement at the U.N. General Assembly in September, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar indicated PM Modi’s remarks at Bali. He said the global south was the most influenced by the “sharp deterioration in the international landscape.”

G20 presidency
Indian flag

PM Modi, in the G20 Summit said that the world is struggling to cope,e with post-pandemic economic challenges. The war in Ukraine had added rising costs, food scarcity, fuel and fertilizers, trade disruptions and diversions.

“As we initiate the G20 presidency this December, we are exposed to the challenges fronted by developing countries. India will work with other G20 members to address seriousĀ  issues such as debt, economic growth, food security, and the environment. The reform of the governance of multilateral economic establishments will continue to be one of our core priorities,” PM Modi said, highlighting India’s “steadfast commitment to South-South Cooperation.”

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