Are exit polls backing up BJP in Gujarat Elections for 7th time?

BJP is set to continue its dominance in the state legislative assembly of Gujarat Elections. Almost every exit poll has predicted a win for the BJP party in the election. By winning within the range of 117-148 seats in the assembly.

Are exit polls backing up BJP in Gujarat Elections for seventh time?

In Gujrat, the homeland of Prime minister Narendra Modi, the BJP is backed for the seventh time. Exit polls have predicted the party to hold power in both places, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat.

Exit polls prediction for Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat elections

For Gujarat, with a high chance of BJP following its seventh term, the following forecast has been given

Gujarat Elections

According to New X-Jan ki Baat, the prediction for the seats in the Gujarat assembly election is

  • Bharatiya Janata Party: the seats prediction within the range of 117-140 for the party.
  • INC- Indian National Congress : forecasts combined lie within the range of 34-51 seats.
  • AAP – Aam Aadmi Party: the party is set to bag 6-13 seats.

Republic TV P-MARQ, with a higher range for BJP for the Gujarat assembly election, predicts

TV9 Gujarati prediction

  • BJP: 125-130 seats for the party
  • NCP – Indian National Congress: the seats range from 40-50.
  • AAP: 3-5 seats for the party.

According to Aaj Tak-Axis, My India

  • BJP: may achieve 129-151 seats
  • NCP – Indian National Congress: 16-30 seats combined for the party
  • AAP: 9-21 seats for the party

Times Now-ETG predicts

  • BJP: 139 seats
  • NCP – Indian National Congress:  30 seats
  • AAP: 11 seats

With every exit poll result predicting BJP with the most seats, it is easy to say that the party will continue its term for the seventh time in Gujarat elections. However, the results for Himachal Pradesh predict a different scenario for the party.

Himachal Pradesh prediction

According to the exit poll results, the current ruling party (BJP) is again winning the state assembly election. However, the competition for seats this time can alter the predictions for the state.

Exit poll results for Himachal Pradesh

Republic TV P-MARQ predicts

  • BJP: 34-39 sets for the party
  • NCP – Indian National Congress: 28-33 seats
  • AAP: only 0-1 seats

Aaj Tak-Axis My India results

  • BJP: 24-34 seats
  • NCP – Indian National Congres: 30-40 setas

Times Now-ETG

  • BJP: 34-42 seats to the party
  • NCP – Indian National Congress: 24-32 seats

Things might not look so good for AAP in the assembly elections of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Nevertheless, the exit polls predict a massive win for the AAP party in the Delhi municipal elections.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD) ELECTIONS 2022

On Sunday, the election for the seats of MCD voting took place in the capital of the Nation. The election is a competition between three parties AAP, BJP, and Congress. Nevertheless, the exit poll results predict a win for the AAP party in the election.

Gujarat Elections

This election was the first major election held in the capital after many state-altering situations, such as the pandemic and Delhi riots. With 250 seats and the majority mark as 126 seats, most of the exit poll results predict the AAP party to bag within the range of 135-170, hence making it a huge win for the party.

With the exit poll prediction, the election might give BJP a measure setback, as they have retained power in the civic body since 2007. The results of the exit poll range for the BJP lie between 80-60 seats. In contrast, congress is trying to hold on to as many seats as possible.

Both Aam Aadmi Party and Bharitiya Janati Party are confident of emerging victorious in the elections. The MCD election 2022 counting will take place on 6 December, 2022.

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