Did Hindus knew about Alien Crop-Circles?

Crop circles, the flattened patterns of crops that have appeared almost all over the world in recent decades, are often seen as messages from extraterrestrials. Aerial drone views of the last crop circles appearing in fields near Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK.


So do u see anything familiar with our culture? My question is, why are these patterns in crops? That too in a good wide field? Is it some kind of alien plane landing or takeoff?

Or is it some kind of symbol or pattern to save humanity linked to our Hindu culture?, did you observe?

In Hindu pooja, we create many patterns according to the deities! .. is it some message from gods?

Some believe the strange designs on these cultures were created by extraterrestrials to convey messages to humans, while others lean towards a more logical explanation, calling them the work of hoaxes. But there’s no denying that, many published including national geography that this was done by few farmers… but do you believe?

The farmers were asked to create it again, but they failed to create it another time!.

Crop circles all look very alien, different from the kind of designs we’ve seen so far this year. But are these circles mysterious? To us, no, they’re not.” Over the years, crop circles have appeared almost all over the world. They show up, see what people believe about strangers, make waves in the news, and then get forgotten.

Although they look magical and remind us of our extraterrestrial friends, crop circles can have devastating effects on farms and vegetation.

“It is unfair and irresponsible to create crop circles on farmland – crop circles always forget that they are damaging someone’s property.” National Farmers Union media consultant Lee Perry in the 2013 express.


What are crop circles? What’s the history behind it?

Crop circles, large geometric patterns of flattened crops, are most commonly found in fields in southern England. According to some people who study crop circles, crop circles are information from extraterrestrial intelligent life, but concluded that have been created by humans without second thoughts.

From the late 1970s, simple crop circles began to appear regularly in fields in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and Gloucestershire in southern England. They are made at night, and over the years they become more complex, gradually becoming large patterns of geometric shapes several hundred meters wide. Some who study crop circles are convinced that their intricacies and the fact that the plants appear bent but not broken rule out a human creator, meaning they were created by an unknown natural phenomenon or extraterrestrials.

In 1991, Doug Bauer and Dave Jolly of Southampton, England admitted that they had made over 200 crop circles since the late 1970s using only rope and planks. They were originally inspired by a 1966 report of a UFO sighting near Tully, Queensland, Australia, where the flying saucer allegedly landed in a lagoon, leaving behind a sunken patch of reed. As crop circles gained media attention, so did Ball and Chorley’s models, and they were happy to defy the expectations of those who studied crop circles.

Crop circles occur frequently around the world, but most still occur in the UK. Others followed Ball and Jolly, and even those who considered crop circles extraterrestrial or unexplained natural phenomena admitted that much of them were man-made.

Here are some recently detected crop-circles.

Castle Crop Circle

In the summer of 2009, an intricate crop circle appeared in front of the castle of Torre Chiara in Parma, Italy.

Triskelion Disk

This gigantic 780-foot (238-meter) crop circle appeared in 2001 in a remote area of ​​Milk Hill, Wiltshire, England. The elaborate design consists of 409 circles forming a pattern known as a double or hexagonal triangle, which is a design made up of three interlocking spirals.

Crop Circle in Germany

Aerial photo of crop circles taken August 9, 2006 near Starnberg in southern Bavaria, Germany.

Sutton Bank Crop Circle

A pasture paddock near Sutton Bank Hills, North Yorkshire, England. The aerial photo was taken July 9, 2010, and photographer Ash Balderson told LiveScience the pattern was captured over the weekend of July 3-4, 2010. Views of the valley from a hill on the banks of the Sutton River.

Golden Globes

Crop circles are seen in a golden crop field in Switzerland. Photo taken July 29, 2007.

In conclusion, crop circles continue to fascinate and haunt people all over the world. Despite various theories and explanations, there is no solid evidence to definitively prove their origin. This phenomenon has stimulated interest and research, resulting in various scientific studies and works of art. Ultimately, the mysteries of crop circles remain unsolved, and their existence continues to captivate and inspire those interested in the paranormal or the natural world.

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